Ys Seven! PSP/PSVita Review!!!

Hey guys, I’m back with another review. This time it’s a PSP game called Ys Seven. Now this happens to be my introduction to the Ys series. There are quite a few Ys games out there but this one came highly recommended and I can see why.

Ys Seven

In this game you start out as Adol, an adventurer, and you’re traveling with your friend Dogi, a very big guy. You see a girl being harassed by a couple of bad apples who happen to be soldiers. You step in to help and, wouldn’t you know it, you get thrown in jail.

You’re rescued by one of his superiors who informs you that the king would like to speak with you. He wants you to go to a shrine and see if you can find anything there. So, your adventure begins.

Ys Seven

The combat is quite unique. You attack directly and some enemies require a certain character’s style to defeat. Other characters can’t damage an enemy that is designed for a specific attack style. You learn different special attacks and pick up other friends along the way. Your main character will learn ultra attacks that require normal attacks to charge the gauge to capacity.

Ys Seven

Controls seem pretty fluid. All around the game is a delight and the graphics are exceptional! I haven’t gotten really deep into it as of yet but this game is definitely a must play for those of you that enjoy action role playing games! I’ll end this with a rating of 8/10 and give you guys a few screenshots to peak your interest! Happy Gaming!


Ys Seven Ys Seven

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  1. memories of celita is good to it was teh second gaem i bought for the vita

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