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Today I will give you hints on some of the myriad of secrets in Mortal Kombat X. These are not unlockables items, but they are necessary for some secret trophies.

For the Kript Guide click here and the Kostume Guide here.

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Unlock special rewards playing on mobile

If you play Mortal Kombat X on mobile you can unlock some secret items like “Johnny Cage Ninja Mime” or “Farmer Jax Briggs” plus a lot of “cuties avatars” and Koins


You can find the mobile version for iOS here and Android here.

How to earn unlimited Koins

In Mortal Kombat X coins are needed to unlock the infinite number of objects in the Krypt. Below you can see a method that will help you earn 2500 coins in 1 minute and a half. Proceed as follows:

– First of all, if you downloaded it, you have to uninstall the patch 1:01 of the game. To do so (on PS4) selected from the dashboard of the game console, press “options” and delete the update as shown in the video below (remember to pause the download of the update, otherwise it will be installed again).
– Revenue in the game and completed a tower
– If you have not already done so, complete the story mode
– After completing the story at least once, go to the Story mode and select the “chapters”, then select the penultimate scene
– Beat the boss and the screen in which collected the prize immediately press pause and go back to chapter selection to repeat from the previous point

Every time you earn 2500 coins, look at the whole process in the video below

As an alternative to this I also recommend watching this video that shows another method that can be used even after installing the patch.

How to unlock the “Secret Fight”

Mortal Kombat X, like its predecessors hides a secret battle that we can unlock only by meeting certain conditions.
On youtube was released a video in which shows us how to access secret clash that also unlocks the trophy/objective “Keep it secret.”
To do so we must conclude at least one round with a Flawless Victory in the sixth clash of the Living Tower and then finish the meeting with a Fatality or a Brutality. This unlocks a fight with Reptile (Remember Mk 1?).
According to the report of some users, it seems that you can also do it in the seventh fight of the same tower.
Below you can see a video showing the process:

How to unlock the Kombat Modifiers

In Mortal Kombat X there are 105 Kombat modifiers, but most of them are not available immediately. Let’s see how to unlock them.

At the beginning of the game only 15 of the 105 modifiers are already unlocked and available, to get the trophy “The kollezionist” you have to collect a total of 65 modifiers. To see what you’ve just go to the menu “Two players” and then select, using a second controller, both of the characters, so you can see the list of modifiers available. Now let’s see how to unlock the other modifiers.

1) Find the modifiers in the Krypt
In Krypt there are positions where you can find a dozen modifiers, follow the guide to all unlockables in the Krypt of Mortal Kombat X to find out the exact coordinates to find them. Apart from these you will certainly find that you can find more in a completely random way in different cases, or playing the statue lottery. The lottery will have high chances of finding modifiers, but each “play” will cost 5100 coins (in this regard might come in handy guide with tricks to earn money in endless Mortal Kombat X).

2) Find the modifiers in the Living Towers
Completing a living tower will get hourly modifier active in the same tower, everything is randomly generated so the modifier change every hour (remember that the Daily Towers do NOT unlock modifiers).

That’s it for now! This ends the Mortal Kombat X guides trilogy.

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