Total Noob releases TN-X for FW 3.00-3.20

It’s finally here, TN-X for the PS1 exploit. A lot of you know about TN-X but it was never released, because of acidsnake leak of the PS1 exploit. The leaked PS1 exploit didn’t work on the PSTV but with TN-X you can use the ps1 exploit on the PSTV. So here are the main features of TN-X

PSTV TN-XFeatures

* TN-X menu with cover arts and rumbling effect for DS3. Pressing triangle will open the configuration menu.
* Button combination to return back to TN-X menu by pressing L/L1 + SELECT.
* Integrated super fast SaveState plugin by holding SELECT for some seconds (remember that savestates in pspemu and ps1emu cannot be shared).
* Plugins support, but only CWCheat will be displayed correctly.

If you want to have an specific plugin being supported, contact me either via email ( or write me a PM on wololo’s /talk.
* Official Vita’s screenshot feature with TN-X signature.
* TN-X custom button assignment (set your Vita’s offical button assignment to standard before using TN-X’s custom button assignment).
* Fullscreen hack for Vita TV (not all games/not all screen modes can be stretched up to 16:9).
* Fast forward feature by pressing R/R1 + SELECT to turn on/off.
* Enabled soundtracks in CDDA games.
* Possibility to use a custom bios by placing a bios file at ‘ms0:/PSX-BIOS.BIN’.
* Official PSN PS1 games can be played without licence file or ‘KEYS.BIN’.

* Vita device with a FW between 3.00 and 3.20. Newer firmwares are not supported yet, a new PS1 exploit will be released later.
* PS1 exploit game (Tekken 2, XS Moto or Sports Superbike 2).
* TN-V to install PS1 games (just place them at ms0:/PSP/GAME/).

* Transfer ‘TNV’ savedata and the savedata belonging to your PS1 exploit game, both to your device.
* Enjoy.

* reprep
* qwikrazor
* Dark_AleX

Download: TN-X.rar

About hackinformer

I like to get everyone the right info and I like to help others get the most from there electronic devices. I enjoy playful cleverness and the exploration of technology. My Motto: You own it, you can do whatever you want with it.


  1. i have a problem… it goes black and nothing happen…do i have to re-install my ps one games?or what?? i dont know where is my error… i did everithing some help please

  2. XD thks total_noob !!!! finally my PSTV work with psx , 🙂

    Download and Test with moto xs : Thosand Arms work perfectly amazing!!!

  3. just want to ask if when they will release it for 3.36? thanks