PSVita: Qwikrazor87 Updates TN-C for Numblast Exploit

tn-cJust a few days ago qwikrazor87 released TN-C for the Numblast exploit on firmware3.36 and  some of you may have had some problems with it. Well we have good news for you as qwikrazor has just updated TN-C for Numblast.

wpid-img_20150203_161622-1024x768 copyTN-C version 2 update: filer now works, and qwikrazor87 has added the IO patches to mess around in /PSP and /GAME)

Download: Numblast(Qruton)

TN-C verion 3 update: (qwikrazor87 replaced the march33 ISO driver with the PRO Inferno driver and hex edited the menu to show the changes in the options)


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  1. The download link does not work.

  2. Never mind it works u guys r the best thank you

  3. This new one is even more confusing. But thanks for the info on how to install homebrew.

  4. question: can i play .ISO with ARK2? or is posible only with TN-V ?…. if it is possible, can someone give me a link to learn how to do?

  5. wich is the best tn-v or ark2? and why?

  6. Are there any exploits currently working? I’m a bit late to the party, got my memory stick for my PSTV yesterday!

  7. Does tn-c numblast v3 support psx? Been trying for a long time any help well appreciated

    • it was very experimental back then and it was never fully incorporated in to TN-C not until TN-V 9.0 with sounds. Which there are no plans for a TN-V on Numblast..

  8. Oh man..thanx for replying