Maldita Castilla (Cursed Castle,) – Retro Themed Indie Game

Hello all riddle43 here with a little something you retro fans will love. Dust off that old Microsoft Sidewinder controller, because it’s time to get your game on. For those of you who remember the classic game ghosts’n’goblins have I got a game for you Maldita Castilla (Cursed Castle).

This game is a retro treat for us all, this will take you back to a simpler time in life when two bottoms and a d-pad were all you needed to play in another world.
This game was developed by Locomalito a homebrew developer from Spain who and here is a quote from him” I grew up during the golden era of arcade games, when each new machine was an adventure to live. I dreamed of making my own games back then, I use to sketch sprites and levels in my notebooks, school books and even tables.”

Locomalito, has done a wonderful job of taking me back to a time I remember fondly.
The game features a dagger wielding knight in a medievil adventure game where you guide Don Ramiro through the land of Tolomera to rid the kingdom of the evil that has come over its land.2059682-maldita_large

This game is full of myths from Spain & Europe and takes you on an epic quest for good. The game is done in the old sprite style from the mid 80s and the music hits the time just the same.

The games challenge level is on par with the games of the past. There are also weapon pick up’s in chests and boss fights, prepared in just the right places. They are just tough enough for the skilled player, while still being fun for the novice.
There is also an Android version, that will also work on the Gamestick and is a blast just the same. I highly recommend you visit his website and check out the other games as well, as they all are a wonderful games to play.240495-mchead

Bottom line is you’ll be missing out, if you don’t go check them out and what his games have to offer.

So please visit his site and thank you for reading.

Here a video of gameplay and if you have any questions or comments you can leave them here or hit me up on Twitter @riddle43

his web site


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  1. Sorry mate, but you’ve got the name in English wrong. It’s Castile, not Castle, which is the English word for Castilla, the largest kingdom in Iberia back in the middle ages.