PSVita: qwikrazor as release Patapon VHBL installer version 2 which fixes the 0x80010002 error

Qwikrazor has just released Patapon VHBL installer version 2. Which should now check if the base game folder is already renamed, it should fix the 0x80010002 error. For any of you that are getting a red screen when Papaton 2 loads the games and not a green one, you can always check the log to see what happen. All you have to do is transfer the game save back to the computer via CMA..


Lets not forget to thank qwikrazor87 for all his hard work.  You can donate to him via pay pals here every little bit show how much we enjoy this work.

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  1. can anyone please please please send me a tutorial step by step FULL NOOB PROOF at wilfredo-benitez@live .com

  2. i try over and over again and with other games aswell nothing helpt i still get a error in the log i am going to wait for other exploit games ^^