Guide on how to install VHBL Bubble using Papaton 2 exploit for FW 3.36

There is a Guide I put together, for anyone having issues getting VHBL to work on firmware 3.36 with the Papaton2 installer. This is what you are doing to need..

We need to get the psp pkg file the base of your bubble, you will be using is, so you can extract the eboot file that is needed.

Step1: To get your EBOOT.PBP for your base, you are going to have to using Sony website. Since we don’t have ftp access to the psp dir just yet.. *Sign In* → Media → Games → choose a psp base game and download it.psnThen open the .XPD in Notepad → find URL (they normal start of with download the PKG → extract EBOOT.PBP from .PKG using PkgView_1.3 or PSP PKG Decrypter Extractor v.

2:Next you are going to use Fake_NP to make your base game’s eboot from your  EBoot you just obtained in Step 1. Now to run Fake_np, you are need to open up command prompt on your pc, easiest way to get to CMD is, go the start button- click on run and type in cmd, and the Command prompt will appear.dosHere is 4 different way to use Fake NP and Sign NP.

The easiest way is to open a command prompt rite from the file you are working on just hold shift and right click on the file, it puts the path right into the Cmd window (command prompt)

Another way is to manual do it, is unzip Fake_NP and  make sure you to put Fake_np somewhere easy to get to like your c: drive. For exsample, when I’m make a new Eboot it type in this command cd:\D:\VHBL\fake_np -b NAME.PBP VHBL.ISO EBOOT.PBP it will create a new eboot for you, to put in the Papaton 2 game save folder.  So you can see made it very easy for me to access the files, by placing Fake np folder and all the files in the root on of my dir.

This way is just like the one a the above, you place VHBL.iso &  your base eboot into the Fake_NP dir, you just made unzipping the Fake_np. Once you put your PSP Base and VHBL.ISO in there and rename them to ORIGINAL & NPfakenpThen double click on make EBOOT.bat and you will have your new signed eboot to place into Papaton 2 game save fol;der.

You can also try using skillers tools..

Then, here’s an official text from Skiller’s README.TXT, my comments are in []:

[Put your base game’s eboot [the one you obtained in ‘1)’ of Step 1] inside this folder [Bubbles].
– Rename EBOOT.PBP to NP.PBP
– Open the SignCFIG.txt file. set your compression to either 0 for
compression or 1 for no compression. Save and close.
– Drop your ISO on to SIGNNP.bat
– Check the FIXGAME folder […/Bubbles/FIXGAME] for your new EBOOT.PBP]

Sounds too easy? Well, that’s how it is.

Download: Skiller tools

3: Inside the Patapon 2 game save you will see the Path.text file, all you have to do is place your base game ID. pathFor example, Patapon 2 US game ID is UCUS98732, so the path will be ms0:/PSP/GAME/UCUS98732. Make sure the path does NOT end with a slash or new line, an example is already provided.

4. Now that you have edit the path.text and created your new Eboot to place in Papaton 2 gamesave folder. All you have to do is put Papaton 2 and VHBL game saves in your PSVita or PSTV via CMA. Once you finish there restart the PSVita or PSTV in safe mode and pick rebuild database after its done you should see your new VHBL bubble..wpid-20141108_1739561-1024x768

If you are getting a red screen when Papaton 2 loads the games and not a green one, you can always check the log to see what happen. All you have to do is transfer the game save back to the computer via CMA and you may need to try a different base.

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  1. I’ve been getting the red screen error for the last two hours even after I followed your tutorial. And this is what my Log say’s.

    check if file exists:
    not found.Error renaming:
    sceIoRename returned: 0x80010011

    • hackinformer

      which Fake np you you using? Have you tried skillers?

      • No I haven’t tried skillers, and should I try using LocoRoco. I’ve been us Persona 2 cuz that was the only psp game I bought beside patapon.

        • hackinformer

          yes as other have had success with it and it worked for me, but it seems like its a 50/50 as some get it to work and others don’t :/

          • So I wanted to try fake_np again, before I tried skillerz. Is there supposed to be more than 2 files in fake_np because that’s all that I have?

          • hackinformer

            nope just two file you wan to convert

          • Yeah so I don’t understand how to use skillers tools. And I can’t get it to work with fake_np. I’ve used Persona 2, ApeQuest Demo, LocoRoco Demo, and Petz all as base games with fake_np and I keep getting the stupid red screen. What am I doing wrong. I put the eboot that was made from fake_np to the saved data file of patapon 2 in it and it keeps happening.

          • hackinformer

            For some reason its happening to a lot of people. I don’t know why as I try to use a different pc to see if could get the same probably, well I did and now been looking at me event log to see what difference between the two as they are almost the same pc

          • I got it to work, I had to use a different memory card for some reason though.

    • hackinformer

      I had the samething happen a few time with different psp games for my base. Like Petz demo and echoshift didn’t work, I use numblast, LocoRoco midnight demo, & Uno which have worked you and other have gotten LocoRoco midnight demo to work..

  2. Hi i want to ask if how can i play PSP Games , without bubble tricks i already install the VHBL but i don’t have any homebrews on my VHBL folder, and if i get red screen i will just start from the beginning or do i need to factory reset my vita again? and how can i install Stuff on VHBL like Snes Emulator?

    • hackinformer

      find your favorite emulator or homebrew application download it. Then make folders like this for example: PSP/GAME/SNES/EBOOT. Then right click on the PSP folder and zip it up. Call it INSTALL.ZIP and put it in the VHBL games save folder and then transfer the VHBL gamesave back to the PSVita with the install zip inside of it.

    • hackinformer

      Nope you have to use the bubble trick to play your back up PSP ISO. As vhbl can only play emulators in homebrew but they can help you create these bubbles so you can enjoy your PSP backups.

  3. Can you also provide a guide on how to install homebrews for VHBL 3.36? My VHBL is still empty and I don’t know how to install these 🙁

  4. Is there a way to do this on a Mac?
    Thanks for the tutorial anyway!

  5. if you’re using a (.) at the end then that’s ur problem. You won’t have eboot.pbp. You’ll have eboot.pbp

  6. Is it one base game per bubble? Or can we use the same base to create different bubbles?

  7. red screen my base game Ape Quest but another friend work perfect with Ape Quest demo ; how ?

    • hackinformer

      Do have a another pc to try it on. As it happened to me and my laptop. Then I tried it on my desktop and it works fine. this is definitely a weird bug and don’t know why itz doing this to some people. I’m sorry hopefully everyone can you get it to work..

    • @orjouan, place “EBOOT.PBP” that you make it in folder : “VHBL01234”. Or if you don’t understand, please follow with carefull, video tutorial from Zet.I was ecountered too this type of error and now it’s working!

  8. I really want to do this, but how do i add a psp game to my download list without purchasing?!

    • hackinformer

      You got the wrong site for that.. as you have to buy your psp games to add them to the DL list.
      You if you want to there are two demos in the store you can download locoRoco & PetZ

  9. I bought a new PS Vita, it’s already version 3.36 and I can’t hack it.

  10. Error log from some russian board:
    “check if file exists:
    not found.Error renaming:
    sceIoRename returned: 0x80010011”

  11. I did everthing as described, got green screen in Patapon2 then i rebuild the database but when i start uno i just get a black screen for a monent and then im back on livescreen, and yes i transfered the savestate of patapon and the vhbl folder. Any Ideas?

    • hackinformer

      No, as thats what you want the green screen,but vhbl not starting I don’t know why it’s doing that to you. I would try a different base and see if you get the same results..


  13. hackinformer thanx u do an excellent job , Excuse me for my English

  14. Vhabl gives the message : error could’t find any hombrew in ms0:/PSP/VHBL/ what you recommend ?

  15. A video tutorial would be nice…

  16. Hi, can i use my old psp backup games in iso or cso format? I think if you extract the iso or cso files, an eboot.pbp is present inside. I have no more money to buy another psp game in psn.=P.

  17. I can run VHBL and PSP game using base game bubbles(UNO and Ape Quest).
    Can I change those name and Icon images of bubbles?

  18. i tried many games i get the red screen today i try my last ame that i have and i get a c1-2858-3 hat can i do about this ?