SKY3DS Disk Writer Tool Released

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As we are getting closer to launch of SKY3DS, today Disk Writer tool was released on official SKY3DS site. Download consists of “DiskWriterV100.exe” and “template.txt”. template.txt is advised to be put in the same directory as the .exe file.

template.txt file consists of 3DS title ids and SHA1 values which are probably for scene dumps. It remains to be seen if this will put a validation restriction to the .3DS rom files user tries to install.

Let’s wait and see the not-so-distant release date for other details. Also if you are considering to purchase SKY3DS, keep in mind that, it will be probably limited to 10 non-replaceable games unless proved otherwise as FAQ section on their official site suggests so.

Here is a quick video of SKY3DS card runing on a New 3DS LL with the newest 3DS V9.1.0-20J, if you haven’t seen it yet.

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  1. yeah, noticed that both the sky3ds and r5sdhc 3ds card released the disk writer, seems the cards has been offical released. Found
    out that many site has the cards in stock now, has placed the sky3ds from one of them: Used to get my card from them , so trustworthy. Later will write a review about the card when i receive it.

  2. It is available for purchase now. I would still wait for some real user reviews before buying.

  3. It seems i was right and SKY3DS refuses to install any rom which isn’t found in templates.txt. Let’s wait and see more reports.

  4. ” DiskWriter ” is a specially program to ”flash” the games onto the TF card .Coz,currently, games for sky3ds cannot be copy pasted onto the TF card directly. Instead, it requires a special program to ”flash” the games onto the TF card. Connecting a TF card which has been flashed with games to the computer will not show the content on it and will prompt us to reformat the card. ,usa based official distributor,if you need,you can give it a shot first.

  5. Wow i have been waiting a long time for this release, you know I bought myself an r4i gold card a year ago and it still working fine on my latest 9.2 n3ds, I can use it to play my video file and read e-books, and I will get this sky3ds to run 3ds backups soon.

  6. Got my sky3ds on hand just now, already fast shipping in about 4 days,so sorry for my late review. But i also noticed that there are already sky3ds review out, you can go to gbatemp to have a look, Excellent review! And i also have heared some rumors that sky3ds team are trying to work on the 10 roms limits, and they have achieved some progress, seems they will full crack it eventually.