Sony’s Answer To Fixing Remote Play? Make It Worse

shit FW

So those of us that have had a VitaTV for almost a year now already know what a disaster that has turned out to be and those of you that bought a PSTV recently are finding out the hard way.

We all know that the micro console could be amazing, but it simply isn’t. It fails on every level. I’m not going to rant about how much it sucks, you can read all about im my review of the device, (just add no streaming & change VitaTV to PSTV) but in reality PS4 link has been around for a year, as it was showcased at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, and in that past year Sony’s solution to fixing Remote Play is to make it shittier.

I have no idea how PlayStation managed to make PS4 Link work so wonderfully on our Vita’s crappy wifi adapters, but fail when connected directly to a PS4 via a cat6 Ethernet cable.

Common sense would dictate that anything goes faster, smoother and better hardwired than via wifi, but I suppose you add PlayStation into the equation and you’ll have to give Lorenz a call…

Personally I’d love to test out this new “shit” mode of remote play but of course this is the screen I was greeted to…

ps4 link

Yeah like that’s gonna happen…

I tested a few non public PSP exploits and they still work, but with the WebKit hack publicly available, if you are reading this odds are you don’t care because you haven’t updated past 3.18 like good little boys and girls… For those that did not heed the warnings, well, I hear there will be another Vita Half Byte Loader release soon, but yeah, no TNV.

Still no PSLive app either. I guess they expect us to download it from PSN later today and then promptly delete it much like the PSNow beta that was released with 3.30. My guess: If it was any good, they would have incorporated it into this firmware… Let’s face though, 3.35 was only a “system stability” update to plug some more holes that SCEI engineers couldn’t plug before 3.30 was released….

Oh if you are wondering, Charles does not work to get on PSN on 3.18 either…

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  1. I blame sony for crappy remote play for Vita/PS TV, but i don’t blame sony for introducing selectable streaming quality option. If you ask me, it had to be introduced much before. It is there on PS3 Remote play and i used it many times and benefit from it. If you are away from wifi spot, choose low quality to prevent lag, if you are near choose high quality for better visuals.

  2. Remote play is much better now. With the ps4 and vita tv updated and on ethernet, the gameplay is smooth and responsive at the high quality setting. I was disappointed before but now am very happy with how it is working.