SKY3DS, a dream coming true or a hoax?


Lately, more news has emerged on several sites about this  3DS flashcard which seems to works on all 3DS firmwares. Currently all 3DS flashcards need firmware’s 4.1-4.5 and you are SOL if you have higher firmwares. This also means there is no way to use flash card for 2DS, N3DS, N3DS XL/LL as they come with higher firmware than 4.5.

  Makers of SKY3DS card claim their card works on all firmwares and all 3DS models. But it doesn’t come without its restrictions. It can have maximum 10 games installed at a time and you can’t change/add games after the first setup. If you want to install new games, you have to buy another card which is only $75-120$. Here is Sky3DS releases of their Official Features and FAQ

Sky3DS Features:

  • Plug & Play, easy to use, Multi-rom support.
  • Support any 3DS system version(including the newest V9.1.0-20J).
  • Support all New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL, 2DS consoles(US,EU,JP).
  • Play 3DS game smoothly like a real gamecard(with all saving,load,online game etc..functions).
  • Compatible with any MicroSD 2GB, 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB SDHC cards.
  • Play up to ten 3DS games maximum for each flashcard (any game but 10 in total only).
  • Region locking.


Q: I have a new 3ds with the firmware 9.1.0-20J version. your new flashcard can work on this version or not?
A: Yes, Sky3DS card can support the newest 3DS V9.1.0-20J version.

Q: Does the sky3ds support all of the 3DS games? can this flashcart work on NEW 3ds?
A: Yes, It can play all of 3DS games, and support the New 3DS console.

Q: Can this flashcart play 3ds game online ? ex : pokemon and doing a wonder trade or battle with people online.
A: Yes, Sky3DS card can play 3DS game online as a genuine gamepad did, can also save,load,edit etc….

Q: Does it require special thing to do first before using SKY3DS?
A: Don’t need to do any special thing, just drag and drop the downloaded ROMs in MicroSD card by the Disktool we provided, and enjoy it.

Q: Does the sky3ds have emunand? Also will there be a region unlock? So I can play games on my EU 3DS from Japan or US?
A: No, don’t need any emunand at all, it can support any 3DS system version even the newest V9.1.0-20J version. Because it’s region locking like a real gamepad, you can’t play US or JP’s games on your EU 3DS console.

Q: What’s that mean – “ten 3DS games maximum for each flashcard”?
A: You can choose to copy any 10 games into your microSD card at the first time, you do need more SKY3DS cards if you want to play more 3DS games anyway.

Q: Does saving work on games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon X and Y,also does this allow cheats and homebrew?
Yes,you can save, reload, edit on any 3DS games as a genuine gamepad did. Sorry, no cheats, no homebrew at the moment.

Q: I want to know when this card will be in sale and where to buy it?
A: We will release our SKY3DS card within 1~2 weeks, you can buy it from one of our resellers online.

 Even if their claim about all firmware’s/all 3ds models is true, it is still hard to justify the $75- 120$ price tag for non-replaceable 10 games. Though it is still a good start and the makers (or makers of new generation clone flashcards) will probably remove this non-replaceable 10 games crap if they want to make money. That is IF the SKY3DS is true.

 Have a look at their site for more info and decide yourselves if it is for you. It is only 1-2 weeks away if they hold on to their promise.

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  1. Team SKY3DS says 10 roms can be changed after the first setup so no need to buy a second card after you hit 10 roms. You can just replace them. That is good news.

  2. the official team said the sky3ds will out the market 2 weeks later,maybe we can get more information about this card when it was finally out. , I have preorder one from this usa store, if this card can out, IMO,its features indeed attractive.

  3. This is a new 3ds flashcard, more importantly, it break 3ds 9.0.0 system now! You can use Sky3ds to play 3ds games on your 3ds and 3ds xl consoles without v4.1-4.5 system limitation, not any more! And it has only one card in package, not like gateway 3ds, mt-card, 3dslink and other 3ds flashcards!
    The sky3ds card also supports new 3ds and new 3ds xl consoles! Another 3ds card comes with sky3ds called k3ds, which also can work with 3ds and new 3ds 9.0.0 system! They have the similar features! But both of the two cards are unavailable now! You can purchase them after two weeks!

  4. According to this reseller: sky3ds flashcart only can run ten games , when you put any 10 games into your microSD card at the first time, Sky3DS will “remember” them and you can only play those 10 games no matter if you change the microSD card or not. So you need another SKY3DS card if you want to play more 3DS games anyway.

  5. It looks like has already received the sample cards, and released the review video recently, I hope the official team will update the card to support more 3ds games soon.

    • 10 non-replaceable games is an insult for a flashcard that costs about 100$. They(or some other clone card company) will probably cancel this stupid limit.

  6. This is a piece of crap!!! Once youve played your ten games your stuck with the cart and cant delete or put any more roms on it!! If you have 70 Roms you have to buy 7 of these things to play them!!! Umm… Think i’ll pass. Flashcarts have always been a one purchase deal! Sky3DS have really crippled themselves with this 10 games crap! Hope people read the small print before deciding to purchase. Saying that… would be great if Sky3DS was Ninty in disguise trying to steer the profits away from the other flashcarts!