Memtools V0.3 & ROPTool files Released for Vita Webkit hack..


Lately the Vita hacking scene has been very active, with the reasoned Webkit hack. Just the other day  released the memtools for the Vita Webkit Hack. (If you have not heard about the webkit you can read about it here) Then developer  and PureIso ( added a fix to the directory bug.  cleaned up the readme, added the reverse and hex search features. PureISO fixed the directory bug and  has updated his memtool to betaV0.3 for the Vita Webkit Hack..

Download: Vita memtools beta ver 0.3

On to more good news for the vita webkit hack, developer @DaveeFTW has just released the program used to convert ROPTool payloads to exploitable html files. It currently only supports 1.50, 1 .691 and 1.80/1.81 but could be trivial to extend. Here is the program used: HTMLIt

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  1. So if it is only for version 3.18 that works because I have version 3.30 and not if you install 3.35 with this step I do not think it advisable to stay in that version because I see post and say it is impossible to hack from 3.30 then to not upgrade if no longer can piratear.Todavia in 3.30 could not be for some exploit because you can not get to the store and if you do not update the only way is the installer package that was blocked and this step does not think I will.