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How to get PS4 Remote Play on any Android Device



You will most likely need a rooted Android device, and grant root access to a file manager to accomplish this.

  1. In case you have it installed, uninstall the PlayStation®App from your device
  2. Download this .apk file
    1. Move the file to “/System/App/”
    2. Change the permission of the .apk to RW-R-R
  3. Download this .dex file
    1. Move the file to “/Data/Dalvik-Cache/”
    2. Change its permissions to RW-R-R
  4. Download these two XML files:
    1. playstation.playstationcertified.xml
    2. playstation.remoteplayident.xml
    3. Move the files to “/System/etc/permissions/”
    4. Change their permissions to RW-R-R
  5. Download these two JAR files:
    1. playstation.playstationcertified.jar
    2. playstation.remoteplayident.jar
    3. Move the files to “/System/Framework/”
    4. Change their permissions to RW-R-R
  6. Reboot your phone/tablet
  7. Start the PlayStore, download and install the PlayStation®App
  8. Install the .apk file you downloaded at step 2
  9. Start the PlayStation®App and click the remote play button
  10. Play remotely!


Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/ and @SKFU_PS3

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  1. These two files seem to be missing:


  2. Step 8 install apk apk wont install
    Error passing in this package

  3. Hey I am struggling with step 4, I when I click the download links it takes me to a web page but there is n download? any advice would be greatly appreciated

  4. okay apologies but I have figured out the xml files but I too get the parsing error at step 8, is there a fix for this so far?

  5. I have checked to make sure my device is rooted and it is…… I have followed the steps correctly, granting permissions and what not but still getting the same error

  6. Please help, getting same error when trying to install the app, step 8

  7. hey getting the same error unable to install at step 8

  8. error 88001003 help

  9. Plz any video en youtube send the link

  10. Error parsing the package when trying to install the PS remoteplay app

  11. An error has occurred (88001003)

    • How did u get yours to work? Do u know if my phone works for this? Galaxy S4 tmobile with 4.3 towel root twrp

      • hackinformer

        it seems to be a hit and miss with some Android devices. like I can’t get it to work on a Samsung s3 but I can get it to work on a Samsung Note 2. go figure so like I said its a hit and miss with some phones.

  12. I to am getting error parsing at step 8, I rechecked everything 6 times for the Past 3 hours, still get the error even tried the other methods, I got the blue remote play icon but it redirects me to play store to download psi remote play but gives me this version is not compatible with your device, I did all the permissions all rechecked, still no luck please reply, tried all methods, please tell me what I might have did wrong

    Galaxy S4 tmobile metro pcs 4g 4.3 towel root, twrp

  13. Email me and I will make video tutorial for all of u ppl

  14. I’m getting the parsing error on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

    I have a Note 2 also but i haven’t tried installing on it because i was going for the bigger screen now it seems i’ll have to settle for the smaller screen of the Note 2

    • it should work fine, i got the same error the first time i tried it..recheck the files, sometimes they’ll change permissions on their own. They did that to me, i rechekced them,followed the steps & i was able to get it working

  15. Have your tried this with the GameStick?

  16. any way to use the ds4 controller!!because its lags when conecting to ps4 then to androide!

  17. I tried it with a lg g2 like you but I can’t also install at step 8?any suggestions?

  18. I can’t get it to work on my Note 2 either, rechecked all permissions they are all still rw-r–r– .
    Getting the parsing error on step 8.
    Both my devices are rooted.