PSVita Firmware 3.18 Does it Block More Exploits

Exploit Image-itok=1InZBcOi Well Sony is back at their old tricks. Just a little while ago Sony released firmware update 3.18 which does absolutely NOTHING except for blocking a few more private usermode exploits. Seriously, to think that this billion dollar company is wasting their money on blocking these old ass PSP save games while at the same time they are re-branding the Vita as a second screen for the PS4 you’d think they would take the time and add some new damn features.

Of course it is the same old song and dance. In my opinion this time it’s a little different. It almost seems a little too convenient that this new Firmware comes out just DAYS after a bunch of 3.15 TN-V videos go up. I seriously think Sony needs to get their act together and stop wasting time blocking usermode exploits and spending money on their 1st party studios. Or at least make the system software cooler…  

But all is not lost. As usual they may have got some usermode exploits, not the all important kexploits ones, which means that there will be no releases. (Well, maybe if someone has a private VHBL or something that got blocked, but I haven’t been keeping up on those due to the fact it is the summer and I have a 7 year old daughter that takes up most of my social time) But again let me stress I don’t think they block ANYTHING good. Only some games used to launch TN-V & ARK ect, so basically they spend tons of time, money and resources that all in all just annoy us.  

Thanks for nothing Sony, keep up the good work wasting money patching PSP game saves and NOT bringing us new features for our $200 remote play boxes…

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  1. So is it safe to update if I still want to eventually hackit in the future?

  2. Sony thinks it’s blocking piracy like that. They don’t understand that the lack of features makes us wanna use homebrew & TN-V. VHBL supports no piracy anyway but a few old games that their companies no longer care about. And instead of bringing us the features that our powerful Vitas support & that we want, they patch our exploits so we don’t benefit from anything at all. At least they should put one useful feature for every patch. Well then, my Vita has nothing & I’m using my phone for everything, & I won’t buy any more PlayStation devices for that reason. Good job Sony, you lost yourself a customer.

  3. 200 dollars???? Here i pay 500 ( 1000 reais – brazilian money ). Seriously, if the hackers stop to create this useless exploit the sony wont have excuses to focus on something really good. The console its almost condemned to be a second screen, so, if we keeping doing this Sony will stop create cool stuffes or spend money in better games…

  4. The main issue of PS VITA is Sony arent porting enough games to the VITA. I spent $270 on this so I could play ps3 games on a portable device, but so far all I got is DOA and a s*** game called FIFA 14 (which is without a doubt a pointless ported FIFA 11 game.Yes 11). The only good this console has done for me is youtube app and music.All the apps such as facebook,twitter, and skype and many more, they’re all outdated and horrible. The Facebook app is literally the worst app ever. Your news feed is filled with spam from pages. Sony needs to put a lot more work into the Vita. Otherwise I’ll be selling it soon. Playstation Now is not good enough for Vita. We deserve a lot more games for the console. I dont want to be streaming PS3 games on my Vita that I could have played on it if they could port it, but no, its use your internet to stream a game which is expected to be streamed at 5mbps and not everyone has a good internet speed especially if you are far from the exchange. Sony shouldnt worry about hack exploits, they should be worrying about the amount of games on the PS Vita Store. If they port more games on the Vita, then us fans will be happy and wont be complaining all the time about not enough games on the Vita.

  5. I dont think you guys understand. Everybody is going to try to sell you something. so if you want the best of it you are the person that has to make the best of it and make it your own. You guys are supposed to be hackers and your bitching about how lame the owners of the company made their product. Thats pathetic. Hackers dont care how lame the products software is, they make it better. Only bitches bitch.

  6. sony peel me shitty company to pay almost 300 dollars on that console fucking bitch called vita fuck is that because many whores can not use as my plasca me in my opinion do not buy sony products that bitch and fuck company should to see that with our pendejas buy them live on this shit called sony they should be called estafasony

  7. Only bitches bitch right? Lol *best* argument ive seen on this subjet yet mr goku. And on another note, sony is the one loosing money with all these useless patches, not porting over enough games, etc. So i dont see why people are getting angry. They are loosing money, not you. Last time i checked, no one is holding a gun to anyones head telling them to update their vita. If you want to ecfw your vita you have to be ready to stay on a lower firmware till the exploit is ported, so if youre already willing to give up psn access, i dont see the point in bitching about a patch. I cant stress this enough, but if you DONT want the patch, then you DONT have to get it. Sure you loose features, but thats a sacrifice you have to make, you cant get everything you want in life.

    Stop making it out like we are the victims here. If you really dont want to update, then dont. Thank sony for what they give us instead of bitching about the things they dont give us or patch so we dont have access to.

    Thanks sony for giving us the ps1,2,3,4,psp,vita,vita tv.

    – Signed by someone who is not self-centered, and appreciates peoples hard work instead of bashing on them