PSVita Firmware 3.15 running ARK 2.0 eCFW


What is ARK? Basically it’s an alternative to Total_Noob’s TNV eCFW. ARK is a port of the PSP’s Pro CFW, but for the PSVita and it brings features that might be lacking in eCFW. In this new version of Ark for firmware 3.15, as demonstrated in the video below, many features have been updated. If you are looking for a 3.15 release, then show some love to it’s developers, who put in a lot of hard work and time in for something we all can enjoy. 

You can donate to Qwikrazor here and Acid_Snake here,

To answer the question that will be fired in rapid succession by everyone watching “when could we see a release of a VHBL, TN-V or ARK?” Well, that’s up to the people that spend countless UNPAID hours working so hard to bring you all your favorite retro and homebrew games to the PSVita with eCFW or VHBL.  


If I was a gambling man, I’d have to guess to the next release of ANY kernel exploit allowing ANY eCFW would be after the launch of the Playstation TV. If you read between the lines, you can assume that these kexploits are yearly releases, but hey, who knows? Maybe the devs will surprise us all if we show ’em how much we appreciate their work.  But for now, just sit back, relax and wait to see what the next big move is, because I have a feeling it’s going to be something good for everyone. :)

All credit goes to qwikrazor87, Acid_Snake, codestation, GUIDOBOT, DS Marine, xerpi, & lets not forget the original PRO Team

Note from heleius: “For the love of god, please don’t ask anyone mentioned here when the release is going to be, that just pisses off everyone!”

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  1. Ark looks interesting … but the PSX Games dont have sound, am I right?

  2. Thanks ! 🙂 It will be available when?

  3. With all ecfw you will need to purchase whatever exploit it will work on once it’s released.

  4. now i cant open ps store.. it says that i need to update it in 3.18

    what should u do if i want ecfw/ TN-V