My dusty PS4 vs FW 1.75


Hello kiddies, yes it’s been awhile, but tonight I am awake with some gastrointestinal discomfort (read explosive diarrhea) and in the midst of my issues my phone alerted me to the fact that PS4 system software 1.75 has dropped. Thanks PS4UpdateBot! So I decided to dust off my PS4, which hasn’t been turned on since the last firmware update, to check out the new change log. Now, I won’t go into details about the crap that everyone already knows. Yes the 4 of you out there that actually own a 3D tv now get to watch the single 3D Bluray Disc you own, so congrats are in order I suppose, enjoy your headaches…

Anyway something interesting I noticed was the PS4 now has the ability to download “featured” content automatically, which to me says, “hey! guess what? now Sony can install a bunch of shit I don’t want for me without me even knowing!” Awesome! If I were a gamblin’ man, I’d wager this means that your teeny tiny 500gb hard drives will mysteriously begin to fill up with crap like Sony Pictures movie previews. While some people may think of this as a good thing, my guess is we will soon see an official Sony PS4 overpriced external hard drive for the morons that can’t figure out how to change out the stock 500gb one. I lost whatever faith I had in humanity tonight when I was looking for some YouTube videos to see if the Wii2HDMI plugs were worth it, and what I found was quite literally thousands of how to plug in 3 color coded wires into 3 color coded plugs on your TV Wii vids. Any 2 year old will understand this concept! Why do we need thousands of YouTube videos? Who watches this shit?!


Anyway I’m off topic… I guess the point I was trying to make in that little rant was #1 if adults can’t comprehend basic color matching concepts to hook up a Wii (my daughter wanted one for her birthday, hence the Wii2HDMI searching) surely Sony will sell them expensive add on storage space all the while it it keeps disappearing, and #2 where the fuck is MP4/AVI/MP3/CD compatibility?! Come on already! The damn thing is almost a year old! Or dare I say where’s the support for my second screen…, er, I mean my Vita? I don’t care how you slice it, but the PS4 hasn’t gotten a single decent firmware upgrade since release. (And no I don’t give 2 fucks about Share Factory)

Enough with the bullshit Sony, just give us one decent firmware upgrade before the PS4 turns one and I have to send it in for repair because too much dust has gathered in it…

I’m going back to play my NES now…

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