Wii U: Proof of Concept Hack Could it Work for the PSVita?


Just two days ago the Wii U hacking scene has shown some promise, with the hardware being able to run a “Hello World” via the internet browser, which will hopefully lead to homebrew on the Wii U console once the exploit is utilized properly. In this video ,“SonyUSA” demonstrates the Hello World being ran via the Wii U internet browser, with the message “Hello from the new buffer”..

Nintendo has tried to attempt to patch the browser exploit with the firmware 5.0 update pushed to consoles to remove any vulnerability, but it looks like hackers have already managed to implement the hack in the latest 5.0 update. If you like to download the files for the Wii u here is the download link.. Wii u browser exploit


Now here come the next question, could we use this on the PSVita or PS4? To tell you the truth I don’t know, I been very busy with TN-V and really don’t have time to mess around with it. So if you like to see want it does,( it just makes the browser loop in the Vita’s browser as seen in video below) we have put it on are server here is the link.. http://hackinformer.com/p/wiiu/


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