Is PlayStation Finally Offering the West Choices?

During Sony’s E3 conference this year, we finally received word that the PlayStation TV (Vita TV in the East) inbound to the US, CA and EU. The re-branded PSTV will launch sometime this fall and hopefully fix the mistakes that the original VitaTV had such as a small whitelist of games that could actually be played on the system, the 6+month period of no PS4 link or DualShock 4 support, and the lack of any video streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. Although the system will only ship in black, it is still coming, and many consumers and Sony fans feared the device would only be available in Asian markets. has just started taking preorders on the device and it is currently there #1 seller in video games. At the rate the device is selling, it will be interesting to see if Amazon stops taking preorders and local retailers have shortages and fans have who did not preorder have to wait months to get their hands on a PSTV much like those who tried to pick up a PS4 the first 6 months of the console’s life.



In the PS4 realm we are getting a special limited edition in the West. The Arctic White PS4 Bundle will ship with a white PS4, White DualShock 4 and the highly anticipated game Destiny. In Japan, consumers see special editions and different colored systems all the time, but in the West it is rare. In and even more rare move by Sony the DualShock 4 is seeing 3 new color choices: White, Camo and Blue. It is interesting to see Sony releasing color choices so early in the PS4’s life cycle. The PS3 did not see color options for the first couple of years of it’s life. Could this possibly mean Sony is listening to Western consumers who are tired of Henry Ford’s motto of “You can have any color you want, as long as that color is black.” Let’s hope so. You can check out the new DS4 controllers below.



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