More VHBL’s for the Psvita FW 3.15


Since the release of the Japanese VHBL over a week ago by 173210. Everyone as have been wanting for a US/EU release. Well the wait is going to be over. Thanks too qwikrazor87, acidsnake and WistineDev. It looks like they have another VHBL for everyone (EU only though).  Here are two videos of VHBL on firmware 3.15.

There is WistineDevs VHBL on Firmware 3.15.

And the other VHBL is from Rikka Takanashi better know as KanadeEngel on twitter

Now I don’t know if KanadeEngel has any plans of releasing is VHBL exploit for the PSVita, but at least we know that there is a another one out there. Now, I know most of you would like to see a release of TN-V or Ark, but know is not the time. Like we’ve discussed in other articles, you check it out here: PSVita firmware 3.XX Kexploit Drama



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