Assumptions on the new Dragon Ball Z project.

All of us after the announcement of Namco Bandai and the opening of the teaser site, we began to fantasize about the new project to Dragon Ball Z minutely studying the only 3 available images.

The game will apparently be available on next-gen consoles old and based on the little we know of, it seems that will bring happiness to many fans of the series.
Obviously, it seems that the brand will continue on the same path of the previous games, that is focused only on the Z-series, which is considered canonical.

Now, however, I would like to focus your attention on one particular that many of you have noticed in one of the photos.


Who is this guy?

Everyone has wondered who the hell is this character in the middle of the first meeting between Son Goku and Prince Vegeta.
I have a theory that I would like to share with you all.
As you can see from the picture I showed 2 small details that can not escape the eye of the biggest fan.
The first is the scouter that we know at the time was a prerogative of the forces of Frieza and the Capsule Corp. logo printed on the jacket.

At this point my theory comes into play.
I do not know how many of you know the MMORPG dedicated to the series called Dragon Ball Online, developed in Korea and Japan under the supervision of Bird Studio / Sueisha, Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama.


The game was made available in South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. After about 3 years of service, the official website announced the closure of the servers Taiwan and Hong Kong after the close of the previous server Korean, among others the most updated previous server named.

The game has closed its doors in Korea September 26, 2013, while in Taiwan October 31, 2013, leaving the players of the famous MMORPG with a bitter taste in the mouth.

Now I know that those of you who don’t knew it will be thinking “go to hell darkamon, before you do us drool and then you say that the server is closed?” but it is not the game itself, but I want to speak of the plot.

The game is set in the year 1000, 216 years after the departure of Goku with Ub at the end of the second series. The Earth is inhabited by four races : Humans, the original inhabitants, the Saiyans, descendants of the first Sayan came to earth, or Goku, Gohan, Goten, Vegeta, Trunks, etc., Nameks (Due to unknown events Namek was destroyed and Nameks took refuge on earth, the home of their savior Goku) and the Majin, since the first came to earth , Majin Buu has created some of the clones (in fact it turns out that the Majin does not create clones with only strong emotions, such as happened to Majin Buu with the death of the dog of Mr.Satan, but also to your liking), which are then reproduced and have begun to populate the earth. These four species coexist peacefully on the planet.

In 2000, a powerful demon named Miira, aided by his henchmen and what remains of Frieza Army and the army of Red Ribbon has conquered and destroyed part of the galaxy and is now attempting to conquer the land. His goal is to get your hands on the DNA of Goku, the greatest warrior of all times and use it to power up and become invincible. To do this, Miira gets hold of a time machine with which to return back to Gok . His journey, however, is discovered by Dende that instructs the Time Patrol led by Time Patrol Trunks to stop Miira.

The player takes the role of a person from an unspecified period of time that because of the time travel of Miira is catapulted in 1000. His task is to cooperate with the Time Patrol and stop the ambitions of Miira.

The dynamics of the game Dragon Ball Online take over the traditional role of video games online. The player acts in the virtual world by means of a character (or avatar) and will have the opportunity to explore the area, look for the seven Dragon Balls, train to participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament and interact with other players and computer-controlled characters (NPC), carrying out a series of tasks that are gradually assigned. Proceeding of the mission in the mission progresses in its combat capability and acquire new objects that can be used directly or to trade with NPCs or other players. There is also the opportunity to conduct missions with the time machine in which you will receive the help from Time Patrol Trunks, in order to travel back in time and take part in the most important events of the main story of Dragon Ball TMQ calls (Time Machine Quest). In addition to these there are the missions Jumping Thunder ( TLQ -Time Leap Quest ) who relive the early years of Goku, when these quests are completed ricevererà the character of passive skills (eg shooting forward, the ability to “charge” showing his aura ) common to all three races.

The player can play as a member of one of three races: Human, Namekian and Majin.


In the DB online games everyone wear a SCOUTER…

At this point, after pulling the money, my theory becomes obvious.
The mysterious character with the scouter could logically be a time traveler sent on a mission to prevent an event X that could cause some disaster in the future.

Given that the plot of the RPG has been edited by Akira Toriyama and then treated for all canonical effects, why not consider the cue and put it in a scenario that, to be honest, has been tapped up to capacity on all platforms and honestly, in all its versions is the same old story? We love it, yes, but is alwais the same.

I really hope in something like that because i loved the rpg ad sent a lot of hour on it and i loved the plot.

When i saw the images it was the first thing i thinked about. “Wait a minute! That guy……)”

This is just a theory that only time can tell us if it’s plausible.

Just have to wait and see if i’m right!

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  1. Technically, saiyans were playable and not humans in Dragon ball Online.

    As the game’s creator Netmarble isn’t working with Toriyama any more, its unlikely the new game is related to Dragon Ball Online.