The size of Wolfenstein: The New Order discourage illegal downloading


So when they say that size does matter: the ISO of up to 44 GB of Wolfenstein: The New Order for PC gamers who have annoyed some, instead of resorting to illegal downloading of the game, they opted for the original purchase.

“I tried to download this torrent but then I saw the file size and how long it would take to download. I said, to hell with me I’ll buy it on Steam! Took me two hours to download 40GB, patch included in the day- one, “it said in the comments to TorrentFreak.

Others prefer that the title of Bethesdascenda price and buy it later, since the file size seems to be a big problem for many.

“43GB?, No Thanks, I think I’ll wait until the price get to £ 29.99,” read another comment.

Unfortunately, there are those who does not think so and still prefer to pick up the channels pirated software are protected by copyright and The New Order of the file you downloaded a hundred thousand times already.

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