New PSVita Hard Mod in the Works…

Yes another awesome hardware mod from the talented @Bl4ckmonkey

This mod essentially changes your dock connector port on the bottom of your original Vita into a micro-usb port.

Just as he claims this idea was originally from drunkencat , but he felt this needed sharing and where else better than here!


See the basic layout of the port is just a reconfigured usb port but layed out in the proprietary connector format that Sony designed. What this does is just realign everything ready for a actual usb connector so it can be a standard micro-usb to usb connection avoiding the need for the proprietary cabling.

Sure there are other ways to go about it but gotta say this is much more fun for those who like tinkering.



As you can see this mod is not for the faint of heart with such small connections to be dealing with, but the result is quite amazing. When all said and done you can barely tell anything has been done and you don’t need those pesky dock connector cables.


Bl4ckmonkey says he still plans on improving on the design by furthering the connection down to the mainboard that the battery is connected to, making it more stable. If all goes well we should have an update to this story and another nice mod in what I can imagine being a growing community…


Job well done!

So follow @Bl4ckmonkey for all the info on his improvement to this Mod


Original credit to drunkencat via

As always follow all of us here on for anything new that may arise….







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  1. Sorry, but nobody needs that stuff. I would appreciate if some clever guys focus on real importants things such like a new CFW for v3.15 to finally continue Total Noobs outstanding work…