The Last Of Us … PS4!!!


Yes you read that correctly…After all this time the epic cinematic experience known as The Last Of Us will be making its way to the PS4 . I know personally that game is probably one of the better stories I’ve ever experienced in a video game. A lot of other people seem to share that opinion with all the awards and accolades it has accumulated in a short amount of time.

As you see below in the video this new version will definitely be a huge visual upgrade along with all the social aspects that the PS4 lends to all of the games on it. So picture playing through this awesome game while streaming it to anyone and everyone willing to sit down and watch. Talk about next gen… this is where it starts.


I think these “up-converts” are a great beginning of illustrating what we have been missing with the previous generation of consoles . I can’t wait to see these newer titles come to life on a new platform like the PS4 and The Last Of Us is perfect to start with having such a following already.

So here is a little flavor of whats to come with The Last Of Us : Remastered

An interview with Naughty Dog via Playstation Access

So as you can see definitely will be worth the money time and effort once its released…

You can follow this link to get the rundown on all of the preorder bonuses that are being added along with places to preorder a hardcopy or digitally…

PlayStation Blog

I’m not one for replaying games but I think this one I will for sure…

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