New Vita Apps Headed Our Way!

Starting today, Sony is FINALLY gracing us with some much needed new Vita apps! The good news? There is something for everyone! The bad? Half of them are subscription service apps, so they are totally useless unless you want to shell out your cash to pay for them.


Crunchy Roll is first on the list and it is all about anime. Watch the newest Japan anime as early as a few hours after it’s broadcast.


NHL Game Center for you hockey fans that have a NHL Game Center Pass can keep up with hockey! (One dude in the back quietly says yaaa!)


Quello Concerts claims to have tons of HD concerts and music documentaries, personally I opted out of the free 14 day trial. I have YouTube already taking up a precious ‘bubble’ on my Vita.


Gaiam TV seems to be a fitness program watching app? Interesting I suppose, but I’ll take my workouts at the gym, I like to lay down while playing my Vita, not in a Cobra Stretch position. Buy hey, I’m not everyone.


Hulu Plus will be released soon if you fancy your Netflix has more TV than movies.


Last but not least, Redbox Instant is also coming this month if you fancy your Netflix with less content and the word box in the title.

Something for everyone.

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