1st Round March Madness Winners!


First off I’d like to say thanks to everyone who participated, we had over 1000 entries which is pretty cool and even though there are only 5 winners this round. Remember we still have $50 of PSN money to giveaway, a PS Vita game (it’s a secret) a Raspberry PI, PS4 and Vita Skins, tons of codes for PS1 games, and our grand prize of a private exploit game to 10 lucky winners!


Here’s our first round of winners! Each will recieve a $10 PSN card DM’d to them by myself or Hackinformer.






Congratulations! Our next giveaway is another round of PSN cards thanks to @CNPalmer75 of the C Note Files!

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  1. Congrats to winners!

  2. Thanks for doing this giveaway! I really appreciate it. Thanks again for the $10 PSN Card!

  3. Thank you for the $10 PSN Card and keep up the good work.
    Good luck to everyone

  4. whew wish i had won really need it for ffx but oh well thats my luck and grats to the winners and tnx hackinformer for giving more chances and prizes

  5. Way to go guys hope i’m next in line for an exploit game