How To Get Minecraft On Raspberry Pi (And Hack It!)

Minecraft is a very popular game. So why not play it on your Pi! One special thing about the Minecraft Pi Edition is that it is hackable. You can build your own minigames within it, using the API and the simple languages, Python and Ruby. Here is how to get it set up and if want to buy a Raspberry Pi check out the links

The first thing you need is Raspbian, the default Raspberry Pi OS. After you have that set up, here is how to download and install. Open up LXTerminal and type:

sudo wget

After that, to decompress, type:

tar -zxvf minecraft-pi-0.1.1.tar.gz

When you are ready to launch the game, you need to navigate to the folder it is located in. type:

cd mcpi

Then to run, type:


There you are you now have Minecraft running on your Raspberry Pi. But wait, this site is called hackinformer. Let’s get some hacks to improve the game! First of all, the game does not come packaged with sound, you can get it using the tutorial under “My Projects” here. There are lots of other cool mods, at that link, most of which, I have myself.

If you want to see how to make your own Minecraft Pi Edition hacks, see this link. the languages that you can use are Python and Ruby, both of which are really easy to learn. A great site to use to learn them is, Codecademy. It is how I learned Python (and JavaScript). There is a Ruby course there too, along with many other languages. Codecademy is great, I learned how to code there with no coding experience whatsoever. So if you like to buy a Raspberry Pi, Amazon has a great deal here.–> Raspberry Pi Complete Starter Kit — [Model B – 512 MB] for $62.95 & FREE Shipping

That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. I hope you enjoy using Minecraft on your Raspberry Pi. I also hope you enjoyed my first article on Hackinformer. You can follow/contact me on Twitter using the handy links below.

Source: Minecraft Pi Edition

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  1. I’ve found a working hack on this site: Hack Minecraft

  2. Can you install raspian if retropie is installed already?