NeoGeo X Jailbreak Brings SNES, Mega Drive,& Other Emulation To SNK’s Handheld


The Neo Geo X has seen mixed reviews due to a number of reasons, however, as of tomorrow the device may become much more desirable for a number of reasons. An unknown team has managed to unlock the power within SNK’s portable and ‘jailbreak’ the device to run emulators for many other retro consoles.

This group recently got in touch with RetroCollect via email to promote their soon-to-be-released kit which has also been advertised on their Facebook page. From here the team has been showcasing the emulators which are supposedly confirmed as working on the device – offering support for the likes of the Super Nintendo , Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, Master System, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Atari 2600, PlayStation 1 and even Capcom’s arcade hardware (CPS1 and CPS2).

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Furthermore, a video has been uploaded to this Facebook page showing the jailbreak in action Although not the greatest choice for a demonstration, the Neo Geo X can be seen running the PlayStation 1 title Apocalypse, shortly before redeeming itself with Splatterhouse Part 3 on the Mega Drive.

Needless to say, while a price for the kit required to carry out this jailbreak is yet to be confirmed, owners of the NeoGeo X have something else to look forward to in the coming weeks with their handheld. More information is expected tomorrow as the team have confirmed that the ‘Open Source BIOS’ will be available then.


You can now buy the kit for $25.00 here at

Link: Neo Geo X Jailbreak:

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