Cobra ODE News – PCB revision


New PCB revisions pictured (4.20 and 4.30A) and new version of the Cobra
ODE released “QSV”.


Team cobra, released a new version of the Cobra ODE QSV, which caters
specifically for users of 2k5,3k and 4k/4k2 console owners. The QSV
version of the Cobra ODE is fully compatible with all software updates,
but does not support older PATA/SATA FAT consoles or 2k/2k1 series SLIM

The Cobra ODE QSV offers incredible value to newer console owners, being
considerably lower in price than the regular Cobra ODE.

Since many owners do not require the USB cables included in the full Cobra
ODE pack, the QSV package does not include the USB cables, nor does it
include the power cables required for FAT consoles or the additional FFC
cables required for FAT PATA and SATA CECHx/2k/2k1, since these consoles
are not supported on the Cobra ODE QSV. The overall RRP has been
considerably lowered as a result.

They now offer two packages, the regular Cobra ODE, supporting
almost all console revisions (PATA/SATA FAT **excluding BMD-21 BD drive
control boards, SATA SLIM and Super SLIM consoles) and the new Cobra ODE
QSV which supports only 2k5/3k SLIM and 4k/4k2 SUPER SLIM consoles.

Enjoy Cobra ODE on later model consoles at a lower price and have peace of
mind that the QSV is fully compatible with the regular software and
hardware updates!

They have added an installation manual to the downloads section which
reflects installation on the console versions which it supports..

An installation manual for the QSV version is also available.

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