PSVita 3.00 will introduce the ability to connect to PS4

PS Vita 3.00 will introduce the ability to connect to PS4. New for 3.00 is the PS4 Link app which enables Remote Play and Second Screen features from the portable. You’ll also be able to Party Chat with PS4 players.

There are also a number of other smaller features. For example, there are new Parental Controls you can access, which let you manage the duration of gameplay and the use of games and videos that parental controls. You can also restrict the use of the Internet browser and location data.

Vita’s not-so-good camera has been given an upgrade with a new panoramic setting, which will let you stitch together a widescreen image using the Vita’s motion sensor. The not-so-good email client has also been improved with the ability to sync your contacts.

Perhaps one of the more meaningful improvements is the ability to download future software updates automatically, so you won’t have to read one of these posts ever again to find out when a firmware update hits. But please, do keep reading us anyway.


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