GameStick to share PlayStation 4 launch date


Looking back through the GameStick news and the word delay seems to be a frequent occurrence. And well, having said that, it looks like the GameStick is suffering yet another small delay. While we could consider it nothing more than another in a series of delays, this time around the console has shown up with an interesting choice for a launch date — November 15th.


Those more into the casual games as opposed to console games may not recognize the significance there. The 15th of November is when the PlayStation 4 will be arriving. Or in other words, we suspect the GameStick (assuming there is not another delay) will have a quiet launch. Then again, there could be some casual gamers still waiting for the opportunity to make a purchase.

Regardless though, for now it looks like the GameStick has been set for November 15th. At this time the GameStop product listing sits with a $79.99 price tag and reflects that same shipping date. GameStop also has listings for other accessories including the dock, case and extra controller. In this case, those are going for $49.99, $9.99 and $39.99 respectively.

Anyway, while we are vocal about the delays of the GameStick, it seems the Android game console market is tough for others as well. The OUYA had an interesting launch, and while that system remains available, there isn’t much in the way of chatter lately. Not to mention, we saw Bluestacks announce the GamePop (and GamePop mini) earlier in the year only to have the talk go totally quiet.

We are also watching to see what Mad Catz can do with the MOJO game console. That one was priced back in October and is expected to arrive in December and for $249.99. Otherwise, a good deal still seems to be the NVIDIA SHIELD, while not the cheapest system around, this one does have quite a bit of functionality and can play Android games locally, Android games on a bigger screen and even stream PC games though the console to a big screen.

VIA: MicroconsoleWorld, Engadget

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