Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6 Spirit of Justice September Release Date For The West


Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice is now set for a September release for the west as confirmed today by Capcom on the 3DS download version only.

As previously mentioned in the article below, there was no official date set for the west. The last Ace Attorney game wasn’t actually released for the west so it’s a nice change of pace to have this new title be released not long after Japan receives it.

(Warning: Article potentially contains some spoilers for fans of the series who haven’t played through the previous Phoenix Wright games, so proceed with caution)

In an article by Famitsu magazine posted today, Capcom have released new pieces of information, art and screenshots for the new Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6.

The magazine spread features major information that focuses on the third case in the upcoming game as we see Phoenix Wright dealing w

ith the “Dragons of the Rebellion” a revolutionary group that has been working in the shadows in the Kurain Kingdom. The spread also shows  Maya Fey once again being accused of a murder, however we don’t know who the victim is at this point in time, but it must be linked with the revolutionary group previously mentioned.

The preview scan seen below shows off new artwork and also confirms that both Simon Blackquill and Miles Edgeworth (a fan favourite) are making a return. One of the screenshots also features the lively Ema Skye, a forensic investigator who will undoubtedly return to help solve cases alongside our intrepid ace attorney.


Back in April during the Niconico Chokaigi, Capcom showcased 25 minutes from the new title which you can watch in the videos below.

Ace Attorney 6 is set to release on the 3DS in Japan on June 9, however a release date for the west has yet been to be confirmed.

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