iPhone: Security App to detect Jailbreak made it to the AppStore

If you haven’t noticed or heard about it yet (because Android rules and Apple is Apple), a new app called: System and Security Info made it to Apple’s AppStore and is drawing a lot of attention lately.


The app was developed by SektionEins, a german software company specialized on security. For some of you Jailbreakers out there this might ring a bell as the main head behind that company is no one else than famous hacker Steffan Esser aka @i0n1c! Within 2 days the app made it to the Top Paid iPhone Apps in nearly all store regions!

Why would I need to check if my personal iPhone is Jailbroken? Well, there are plenty of reasons! There’s always the possibility that the previous device-owner messed something up or your girlfriend doesn’t trust you and installed some spying software like those from HackingTeam or FinFisher.. Not to mention the big brother watching! Of course, this might sound highly unlikely but better safe than sorry, right?!

“The anomaly detection in this app tries to verify that certain security assumptions are still valid. This includes that code signing flags of running processes have not been tampered with, the app is still encrypted and not running in a debugger and that code signing still detects malicious apps and that no unsigned binaries are running. Furthermore, it is validated that no unexpected libraries are injected into the process because this is usually used to tweak runtime functionality. Because the accessibility features of iOS will inject unexpected libraries into our process the app will mention this as a detected anomaly.”

Aside from Jailbreak-detection the App has a lot more cool features and is even capable of reporting about all running processes for example!


Features include:
+ CPU usage
+ Memory usage
+ Disk usage
+ Process list
+ Inspect running apps: SHA1 Hash, Signature, Entitlements
+ Jailbreak detection
+ Security anomaly detection
+ Malware detection

And if all this wouldn’t be interesting enough already the actual reason why the app made this much waves is even funnier! The application itself broke out of Apple’s app-sandbox to obtain all these information! And while thats of course not intended to happen, Apple most probably will remove the App again soon-ish.

The app “System and Security Info” works for iOS 8.1 and up and currently is 50% OFF for a limited time! So go grab it while you can!

More information can be found at: https://www.sektioneins.de

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  1. I’ll get the free pirated version of the app on my JAILBROKEN phone :p

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