WiiU Backup Loader ‘Loadiine’ ported to older firmwares!

As it seems the WiiU will recieve even more love and attention this year! Aside the announcement of Hykems Christmas present, which will be an IOSU exploit ranging from firmware 2.0.0 to 5.5.0 to incapacitate the WiiU’s security checks, information became public that the famous backup loader Loadiine by Golden45 will be ported to older firmwares!


Till now Loadiine worked for 5.3.2 -the golden WiiU firmware for hacking- only, but thanks to serveral devs of the GBAtemp community, the firmwares 4.1.0, 5.0.0 and 5.1.0 are now supported and maybe more soon!

Here are all currently working versions’ sources:

Especially the 4.1.0 port might be great news for some of you still being on that firmware because of the more reliable kernel exploit! Also make sure to check out the Loadiine compatability list over at GBAtemp!

[Tutorial] How to play Wii U backups on Wii U using Loadiine (5.3.2) via Eric Zander

If you however are one of the unlucky people with an updated WiiU over 5.3.2, be patient and look forward to what the IOSU exploit will make possible. Cough*emuNand*cough! 😉

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