3DS Firmware 10.1 released and Smealum updates Tubehax

Nintendo released a new 3DS Firmware 10.1 and blocks a few exploits. For a minute it seemed that Nintendo didn’t care about these exploits, unlike Sony as every little thing gets patched.update

Changes in system software version 10.1.0-27E

  • System stability improvements and other adjustments

Further improvements to overall system stability, system security and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user’s experience.

As you can read oot3dhax/Ironhax/Smashhax are not compatible with this new firmware for the moment. Smealum updated the Tubehax payload so it would work with 10.1 and he is going to update the other hax soon too. Ninjhax still seems to work fine also.

If you are a oot3dhax user or Ironhax user please note that you will have to reinstall the payload so do NOT update to 10.1 yet. Please wait until the updated Payload for 10.1 are released. If you already updated, it’s not that much of a problem. You will just have to use Tubehax or Smashhax to install the Payload to oot3dhax or Ironhax.

Source: Smealum

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  1. I know they have to do this over legal jargon about protecting their IPs, but it really would be nice if they gave up. Piracy at this point I feel is just a boogyman to blame bad games and their bad sales on.

  2. It was a trap hahaha, is simple, give people an update without any changes, then make people trust that update and suddently take out another one that blocks hacks. Then people updating will get the newer version with hacks blocked. However, Smea owned them again xD hahaha.

  3. noob question, how do you update the payload?

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