PS1 Exploit: Tekken 2 Files Released for Japan Region


Since the recent leak about the PS1 exploit, everybody seems to be having a lot of fun with it. While the Japanese region is missing out on the fun. Well your in luck today because the files given to me by qwikrazor87 still work on firmware 3.18.


Early today me & 173210 double check the files, just to be on the safe side. Since I have not use it in a while. The last time I checked, was in firmware 3.12 and it was still working then. After checking, everything is fine with the files and they work on firmware 3.18. Even with everything gone to hell I still asked qwikrazor87 if he wanted to release it, but he is unable to at the time. So he told me to go for it since it is public info now.

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So without further delay here it is.

Click here to download Tekken2 JP files.

How to trigger Tekken2… go to survival mode pick any character and lose thats it.

Here is Tekken2 running on the Vita TV


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  1. Have you managed to trigger the exploit on US tekken 2?