PS1 Exploit Tekken 2 Fixed for U.S. Region


Hello everyone, it’s been one crazy time with everything that has gone on. As you can see all of the Exploit games for TN-V are slowly being fixed by many dev’s. While Tekken 2 still hasn’t been fixed for the US region.


Well today is your lucky day, as Tekken 2 has been fixed. Now everyone can enjoy having full PS1 sound on the PSVita show here in the video below.

Now this is still not the official release of TN-X it is just a fix for what has been leaked already. Soon you get to see what TN-X can really do.

So if you enjoy there work, please consider making a donation to Acid_Snake here, or to Qwikrazor here and Total_Noob here   To thank them.

So without further delay here it is.

Click here to download Tekken2 US files.

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  1. I am still getting an access error on this with FW 3.18. Was there anything else that had to be in the folder than the files in the zip?

  2. Nvm. I deleted everything in the save folder and replaced it. Now it works great. Thank you.

  3. TN-X will work in the xploit xs moto?
    which is the better (tekken or xs moto)