PS1 Exploit Revealed and is PSvita Hacking Scene in trouble?


Well let’s just get right down to it. There has been a battle going on behind this scene and it has finllay blew up on twitter today. I don’t know what going on and why it’s happing but qwikrazor87 and acidsnake have blew up the secne with all of qwickrazk87 work and that is a lot of stuff as seen here in the tweets below.


I still can’t believe what I’m seeing and that acidsnake would just say F*** it..

Specially the PS1 expliot, as that was suppose to be saved for a rain day and Christmas. Then those Kexploits too, This is going to really set back the psvita -psp hacking mode scene or is it? 😉

Seen here

Here are a few pictures of what they call TN-X.. Since it is the work of qwikrazr87, Acidsnake, & Total_Noob and as been talked about publicly.

I have had alot of fun playing with TN-X for a while now but all good things come to a end. I just was hoping not so soon since the ps tv is not out yet and this Christmas was going to be a good one.

How to trigger Tekken2… go to survival mode pick any character and lose thats it..

Well Christmas has came early in the form of a big scene fight that should have not happen like this. I really don’t know what happen but qwilkrazor87 did say” he had no plans on releasing them all at once. Well Acidsnake had another idea and released them all..Time to move on to bigger and better things..

The twitter links I have put above all work and you can download all the files. Now this does not mean that there are no more psp exploits left for VHBL as we seen in the past thing can be re-exploited. This has been one crazy time in the scene as you can tell..

” quote from Wololo “

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  1. I think this is so immature!!

  2. Yeah. It’s sad, but I will say this will cause a huge push for native work. I am curious as to what TN-X is.

  3. Does this affect the TN-V10 release for the other games such as 3.18 ZHP?

  4. The link is off for the european version, please reupload or fix the link. Thanks in advance.

  5. So the video KanadeEngel posted showed him going into his game exploit then into tekken. Is that necessary? Does it load the psx games we have in our TN-V? Sorry, this is all hitting me quick.

  6. Tragic day, but the positive is that we can move forward in the scene.

  7. TN-X better or worse than TN-V? Plus is it only executable with tekken 2 or can we use TN-X files on the other exploit games?

  8. Well it is kinda sad that this leak happened. So much work went to waste but at the same time I’m glad that devs like acid_snake just did not give up and quit but decided to move to native exploit. It will take some time but oh well. PSP emulator wont get us any further than PSP side so there is really no point to do it. It will be cheaper in long run to just buy a PSP console.

    One thing I promise is that Sony is going to have really bad Monday 😀

  9. how do we get the TN Menu on it?

  10. I put the savefile (EU) into my PSVita but when I try to launch Tekken 2 I have an error “C0-5669-6”.
    Why ? 🙁