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Review: The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie

After many trials and tribulations, from the Azure Tree to the Great Twilight, Crossbell is finally on its path to independence for good. However, things are not all they seem on the surface or behind the scenes in Crossbell. Will this impede the progress, or will independence finally be earned? Let’s look at our final journey into Crossbell in our review of The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie!

  • Game: The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie
  • Platform(s): 
  • Nintendo Switch (Reviewed), PS4™, PS5 (Reviewed), PC (Retail & Digital) 
  • Release Date(s): July 7, 2023 (NA – retail, digital); July 7, 2023 (EU – retail, digital); July 14, 2023 (ANZ – retail, digital) 
  • Genre: RPG 
  • Publisher: NIS America, Inc. 
  • Developer: Nihon Falcom 
  • Audio Languages: English, Japanese 
  • Text Languages: English 

*Special thanks to NIS America for Providing a Nintendo Switch and Playstation 5 review Key*


From the press release:

Three destinies are about to collide! Use the Trails to Walk system to switch between Rean Schwarzer, Lloyd Bannings, and the masked figure “C,” and determine the fates of key characters and locations within Zemuria. Dive into refined tactical combat with new features such as United Front, and discover new allies and challenges within the halls of the True Reverie Corridor! 

A Trio of Trails: Experience three different story arcs and switch between them any time with the Trails to Walk system. Plus, discover side episodes to fully flesh out the characters and world of Zemuria.

Reverie into Reality: Enter the True Reverie Corridor, which allows you to encounter and recruit new characters from across Zemuria, enter randomly generated dungeons to test your mettle, and play a variety of mini games. 

Paragons of Combat: Utilize Arts, Brave Orders, and cunning tactics to prevail in battle. Master the new United Front system and harness the power of your entire team to decimate enemies while empowering yourself. 

Trails into Reverie is billed as the final game in the first three ARCs of the Legend of Heroes games. That is the Liberl, Erebonia, and Crossbell arcs. However, as one plays the game, they are quick to realize this game is more the conclusion that the Crossbell Arc deserved. Each path of the game dives into the mystery of what happens during the game and the fight for the independence of Crossbell.

Every Playable character from the previous games is playable in this game. While there are three different game paths, there is also the Reverie Corridor which every character is playable in this mode. This mode also has several minigames and modes to play outside of the main story. It is where about half of the game will take place. The other half will take place in Crossbell.

As a huge fan, I found the story in Trails into Reverie to be the best-paced story to date, but that serves a purpose. That purpose is to tie up the loose ends of the Crossbell saga once and for all and close the stories of the three arcs that have taken place already. I can say it does that job very well. The game sets out to accomplish this task and does it.


Gameplay in Trails into Reverie is the same as every game previous to it. This game is not a standalone game. Once again it serves to close the arc of the three series before it, so do not think you can play it alone and get the gist of the story. Catch up to some degree before jumping in.

Load times on PS5 are next to non-existent. On Nintendo Switch, they are on par with previous Switch titles. The gameplay, as stated, is the same as previous games. There is a tutorial for every mechanic introduced, even the minigames get tutorials. The player should never find themselves lost at all as to how to play.

If you are a fan of the Trails game, this game will be no exception to it with the amount of content that is put into it.

Audio and Visual:

Audio-wise, every almost voice actor from the previous games returns in this game. They all reprise their original roles, except for one or two roles (which have wonderful replacements as well). This is for the English voice acting, which is what we played the game with. The Japanese voice acting was experienced as well and done well too.

Hajimari no Kiseki OST - C Route Battle Theme (Wind-up Yesterday!)

It is wonderful to see how Rean’s voice actor, Sean Chiplock, has come so far from voicing Rean In Trails of Cold Steel 1 to this game. You can see the growth from the years of voicing Rean and it is easily his best role for Rean to date. The same can be said for several voice actors throughout the years. They all easily put their hearts into their roles in this game and it brings these characters from over so many years brought to life once again in Trails into Reverie, especially if you played each game.

Visually, the game is on par with every previous Trails game, so its nothing really out of the ordinary. It is done really well here.

The music in this game is on par with previous games, which is they are good. Each path has its battle theme as well which is fantastic. Also, the weird audio compression that was on the Nintendo Switch for previous titles is nowhere in this game.


Trails into Reverie is the conclusion that Crossbell deserves, as well as fans of the three previous sagas deserve. It does well to wrap up the story in a way that fans will love. This is with a well-paced story, fan service (not in a lewd way) approach, plus overall love put into the game. Fans of the franchise will adore this game. After 70ish hours, I find myself wanting to get back into it.

– Until Next time, Mgs2master2 out!

*Special Thanks to NIS America for providing a Nintendo Switch and Playstation 5 review key*

Game Review-Layers of Fear (2023)

What lurks around the corner? What creeps inside the back of your mind? What souls are damned to this place? How do wretched creatures hunt? There are tons of terrifying questions that one could feel consumed by in their life. Layers of Fear set out to introduce even more horrific questions into your mind that you can’t ignore. Take my hand as I list out what makes this “remake” great…and not so great.


Today, Bloober Team and Anshar Studios are proud to announce the global release of Layers of Fear (2023), the crowning achievement of the celebrated Layers of Fear series, out now on Windows PC, Apple (Silicon) Mac, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. As one of the first horror games built from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5, Layers of Fear (2023) is the definitive way to experience the critically acclaimed franchise, featuring the original Layers of Fear, Layers of Fear 2, and all DLC’s, including a brand new chapter exploring the story of The Writer, whose tale ties together the overarching narrative of the series.


The Ultimate Layers of Fear Experience-The series’ crowning work casts an overarching narrative over the entire franchise.

Horror Reimagined-Everything in the Layers of Fear series melds together into a single experience, including all DLCs, so players can find all the answers they seek.

Shocking New Looks-Enhanced with Unreal Engine 5’s improved technology. This version offers a more immersive horror experience with the addition of Ray Tracing, HDR, 4K resolution, and the Lumen system.

Psychological Horror-A grim but gripping first-person psychedelic horror game focused on tense exploration, puzzle-solving, and immersive storytelling. Discover what lies in the depths of the human psyche with this mature, cathartic game.

New Tricks-New brand-new core mechanics that will be introduced to Layers of Fear and its sequel, as well as additional features, so all the chapters and stories will blend seamlessly.

Horror Through the Many Lenses of Art–Explore the depths of obsession with three different stories of craft-obsessed protagonists (The Painter, The Actor and The Writer) which are interwoven to create a truly immersive experience and gripping storyline

Classical, Ominous Soundtrack-Hauntingly beautiful soundtrack composed by the highly-acclaimed musician Arek Reikowski. He has composed a hypnotic score that adds an extra layer of tension to the game and will leave you on the edge of your seat.


Layers of Fear - Editions Reveal

Story Pros:

  • Bloober team has combined their main Layers of Fear games and DLC into one complete package, providing a more immersive and cohesive narrative experience.
  • The writer’s story is built directly into the game, offering a unique and captivating format for storytelling.
  • Layers of Fear feels like a horror anthology with individual stories sharing a universe, making it fresh and engaging for players.
  • Optional mini-campaigns revolving around the painter’s daughter and wife add depth to the plot.
  • Layers of Fear offers subtle changes and improvements to keep the terror fresh, subverting expectations.
  • Players can expect ample replayability with four distinct stories and multiple endings.
  • Layers of Fear 2 has done more with its setting and story than the rest of the series combined.

Graphics Pros:

  • Enhancements to textures and lighting are remarkable, creating an impressive level of realism on modern consoles and PC.
  • The game utilizes clever perspective tricks to increase suspense and unsettle players.
  • The use of Unreal Engine 5 elevates the title’s photorealistic horror to a new level.

Gameplay Pros:

  • The new flashlight adds stimulating gameplay elements like discovering ghostly echoes or animating mannequins.
  • Players can use the flashlight to stun stalker enemies or solve puzzles in certain situations, making for a more interactive experience.
  • The game’s horror is thematically appropriate, adding to the engagement and intrigue.
  • The game includes accessibility options and quality-of-life additions to enhance the player’s experience.
  • Light combat elements have been added to address past complaints, improving the interaction within the game.
  • Layers of Fear 2’s cruise ship setting creates a unique and unforgettable experience.
  • The narration by Tony Todd adds to the tenor of the game.


  • The balance of tension and release in the game needs improvement.
  • At times, the flashlight tips the balance of power toward the player, making the enemies less scary.
  • Experienced survival horror fans may find the puzzles in Layers of Fear too easy.
  • The constant use of geometry-jumbling techniques and predictable jump scares can feel repetitive.
  • Some parts are retreaded from the previous releases, so it may not be as engaging if you have already played them.
  • Confusing puzzles affect the overall experience of the Inheritance DLC.
  • The gameplay largely consists of walking and opening doors, lacking diversity and balance.
  • The game lacks true threats, relying solely on “smoke and mirrors,” potentially making it less engaging and scary. This may affect the upcoming Silent Hill 2 game.

Final Points:

  • At a price tag of $30 Layers of Fear represents a great value for its quality and length. This means that you’re not needing to pay for all of the previous games and their DLC anymore. We recommend not bothering if you’ve already played everything unless you care about the one new chapter.
  • The delivery of the game’s story is compelling, providing a unique experience within the horror genre. It could just stand to give the enemies more bite and mix up the overall formula to keep it fresh.
  • This new edition is built on Unreal Engine 5 enabling the game series to have visual bells and whistles that their titles didn’t previously have.

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Game Review-Amnesia: The Bunker

I love spooky, eerie, terrifying games. Some of them I can’t put down and others, I can’t pick up! The best terrifying games give you just enough challenge to not “scare” you off but also feature the right amount of dread and atmosphere. Today, we’ll be discussing the good and bad of Amnesia: The Bunker (Frictional Games, $24.99) on console. Is it worth your cash? Let’s talk about it.


Amnesia: The Bunker is a first-person horror game from the makers of SOMA and Amnesia.

Left all alone in a desolate WW1 bunker with only one bullet remaining in the barrel, it’s up to you to face the oppressing terrors in the dark. Keep the lights on at all costs, persevere, and make your way out alive. A truly intense horror experience.

Rising tension

Immerse yourself in the multiple ways of tackling survival. In the shoes of the French soldier Henri Clément, you are armed with a revolver gun, a noisy dynamo flashlight, and other scarce supplies to scavenge and craft along the way. With randomization and unpredictable behavior, no play-through is the same.

Hunted by an ever-present threat reacting to your every move and sound, you must adapt your play style to face hell. Every decision will change the outcome of how the game responds. Actions bear consequences.

Escaping the nightmare

Solve things your own way in a semi-open world. You must explore and experiment to make your way out. Figure out what’s going on down here – what has happened to the other soldiers? Where have all the officers gone? What diabolical nightmare lurks underneath this hellscape? Unravel the mysteries of the Bunker and get to know the nooks and crannies of this cruel sandbox to up your odds of survival.


Amnesia: The Bunker - Announcement Trailer


Amnesia: The Bunker is a highly immersive horror game consisting of only the player, the monster, and a terrifying environment. The game features a randomized item placement system, which makes every venture outside the safe room unpredictable and unnerving. The game emphasizes careful exploration and strategic decision-making to survive, with actions like running, cranking your flashlight, or firing a weapon affecting the likelihood of the monster appearing. My hands are trembling just remembering the pressure I felt!

The game’s story is a haunting contraction that creates a devastating emotional impact when the pieces finally come together. Players gradually uncover the story through exploration using notes and diaries, more on that later. Waking up in an empty bunker and discovering the expansive cast of now-deceased French soldiers adds depth and intrigue to the experience. The game’s limited inventory system emphasizes the importance of managing scarce resources like fuel, healing consumables, and grenades. Again, lots of pressure.

I found that the title’s claustrophobic design maximizes atmospheric dread and tension, and requiring us to use a generator time and again created even more pressure for me. Thus increasing the thrill and dread-inducing fear in my gameplay experience. The memorable level design and superb sound design build a sense of unease and let’s not forget about those nasty jump scares. With a nonlinear, labyrinthine world and multiple routes to explore, the game challenges players to think strategically to survive, more on that later.

Amnesia: The Bunker is a departure from Frictional’s previous horror games, focusing on the horror of war and what humanity does to itself. I try to not to get too deep or heady in reviews, especially with topics you’re supposed to realize yourself. But the seeting of The Western Front being a battlefield creates a pulse-pounding terrifying hellscape. Best of all, the game’s immersive elements are described in detail, providing a clear picture of the game’s setting and atmosphere.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent was a landmark release which brought the survival horror genre back to its roots (at least in my opinion). The game relied on players’ imagination and fears rather than jump scares or brutality. That means to us horror fans, Amnesia: Rebirth had big shoes to fill. It definitely still delivers in many respects, but truth be told, it may not be for everyone. The game’s limited scope may feel restrictive or repetitive for some players. That’s not to say it’s boring, that’s to say that you’re going to be going back and forth a lot. And then some players may find the game’s pushing of note reading and investigation to be tedious or…boring.

The game’s horror elements, such as the monster, mutated rats, and traps, may be too intense or frightening for some players. If so, I recommend starting off with easy mode. That way you can just get the story and a touch of atmosphere. However, others might find that the entire experience doesn’t deliver compared to previous titles from the developer. This remains to be seen as more and more reviews and public opinion hit the internet. Additionally, the game’s emphasis on managing limited resources can feel frustrating or overwhelming at times, especially given the gameplay loop of dying and resetting at the safe room. Not all of the time, mind you, but sometimes I didn’t want to continue, as if I was stuck. Not to mention that dying time and again can take away from the game’s atmosphere.

And the story is given via diaries, notes, and photographs, which I found a bit slow going and kept me out of the actual gaming for longer. I wish they had built a system where I could’ve experienced it through radio or quick writings on a wall, etc.

Speaking of gameplay, the cramped level layout and bottlenecks between different sections can be restrictive. This may further hamper your natural feeling of exploration and investigation. The gameplay mechanics overall didn’t quite give me enough information to keep me interested in the game’s story or characters. It was all about the scares in the long run and trying to get that pulse-pounding rush.

Final Thoughts:

In my opinion, I don’t believe this installment quite reaches the heights of The Dark Descent. Having said that, it is still a worthwhile purchase. Amnesia: The Bunker offers unique gameplay elements and, at its reasonable price of $25, it is a no-risk purchase. Moreover, the game’s replay value is a plus factor since even if you play it to experience the story on easy mode (no big scares) there are additional difficulties that allow you to play upon secondary playthroughs. While it is not a new game plus, the more you play the game, the more rewards you will receive.

Personally, the game provided me with an enjoyable and thrilling experience, and this was only after playing a limited amount due to the embargo. There are still areas of the game I am yet to explore, and I am only two hours into the game! The game is not only fun but also challenging, with some truly terrifying moments.

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Epic Games

Ubisoft Forward Rundown

Ready to see just the trailers you want to see without the droning on of people “setting the scene” or just talking non-sense? Welcome to the Ubisoft Forward 2023 of just *trailers*.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – Official World Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft Forward


XDefiant: Community Reactions Recap | Ubisoft Forward

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown - Reveal Animated Trailer | Ubisoft Forward

Captain Laserhawk a Blood Dragon Remix (Netflix Show)

Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix | Official Teaser | Netflix | Ubisoft Forward

The Crew Motorfest

The Crew Motorfest: Gameplay Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft Forward

Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR

Assassin's Creed Nexus VR - Official Announcement Trailer | Ubisoft Forward 2023

Assassin’s Creed Codename Jade

Assassin's Creed Codename Jade - Teaser Trailer | Ubisoft Forward 2023

Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Assassin's Creed Mirage: Story Trailer | Ubisoft Forward

Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws - Official Gameplay Trailer | Ubisoft Forward 2023

Future Games Show Rundown

Here’s another list of great Youtube trailers, this time from the Future Games Show. You can just choose what you want to watch without all of the talking and Intel ads in between. Enjoy!


Highwater - Official Cinematic Trailer | Future Games Show 2023


Resistor - Official Reveal Trailer | Future Games Show 2023


Instinction - Early Access Announcement Teaser Trailer | Future Games Show 2023

Star Trucker

Star Trucker - Official Announcement Trailer | Future Games Show 2023

Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen - Summer Games Fest Trailer | PS5 Games

Head Bangers Rhythm Royale

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale Reveal Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

The Last Faith

The Last Faith - Release Month Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Steel Seed

Steel Seed Developer Presentation Trailer -  Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Distant Bloom

Distant Bloom GameplayTrailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Go Fight Fantastic

Go Fight Fantastic - Official Gameplay Trailer | Future Games Show 2023

En Garde

En Garde - Official Reveal Trailer | Future Games Show 2023

Alaskan Road Truckers

Alaskan Road Truckers Release Window Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

The Book Walker Thief of Tales

The Bookwalker: Thief of Tales - Official Launch Trailer | Future Games Show 2023

Deceit 2 (Gameplay Trailer)

Deceit 2 Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Life by You

Life by You 'Jobs' Developer Presentation Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

C-Smash VRS

C-Smash VRS Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Madison VR

MADiSON VR Cinematic Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

VR Skater

VR Skater Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Firewall Ultra

Firewall Ultra Developer Presentation Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Wallace & Gromit The Grand Getaway

Wallace and Gromit in the Grand Getaway Reveal Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Surviving Deponia

Surviving Deponia Reveal Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023


Homeseek Release Date Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Laika Aged through Blood

Laika: Aged Through Blood Reveal Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Space Gears

Space Gears Developer Presentation Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear Launch Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Enchanted Portals

Enchanted Portals Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Shattered Heaven

Shattered Heaven Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Moving Out 2

Moving Out 2 Cinematic Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Cross Blitz

Cross Blitz Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Odin Fall

Odinfall Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

“Ones to Watch” Montage of Trailers

Ones to Watch Montage  - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Punch Club 2

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023


Warhaven Controller Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Steam World Build

Steamworld Build Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Daymare 1994 Sandcastle

Daymare 1994 Sandcastle Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

New Cycle

New Cycle Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Ruff and the Riverside

Ruffy and the Riverside Reveal Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023


Fretless: The Wrath of Riffson Reveal Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Paleo Pines

Paleo Pines Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Hammerwatch II

Hammerwatch 2 - Official Steam Demo Announcement Trailer | Future Games Show 2023

“Ones to Watch” Montage of Trailers 2

Ones to Play Montage - Play six exciting game demos for free! Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023


Remedium Cinematic Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Puzzles for Clef

Puzzles for Clef - Trailer

Station to Station

Station to Station Gameplay Reveal Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023


Reka Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Company of Heroes 3-Console Edition

Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Stray Gods The Roleplaying Musical

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023


Reveil Reveal Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive Developer Presentation Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Cookie Cutter

Cookie Cutter Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

The Precinct

The Precinct Reveal Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023


Luto Demo Reveal Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

The Spirit of the Samurai

The Spirit of the Samurai Reveal Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023

Capcom Showcase Rundown

Here we are again, with the trailers that you need with none of the fluff. So we’ll follow our own mantra of just shutting up and commence with the trailers!

Kunitsu-Gami Path of the Goddess

Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess - Reveal Trailer

Mega Man X DIVE Offline

"MEGA MAN X DiVE Offline" Announcement Trailer


Resident Evil 4 VR Mode - Teaser Trailer | PS VR2 Games


Pragmata - Official Gameplay Teaser Trailer | Capcom Showcase 2023

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective

Ghost Trick - Demo and Demonstration Trailer

Ace Attorney Apollo Justice Trilogy

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney - Official Trilogy Reveal Trailer | Capcom Showcase 2023

Capcom Town

Capcom Town | Summer Game Fest 2023 Trailer

Exoprimal (Gameplay Trailer)

Exoprimal - Gameplay Overview | Xbox Extended Showcase 2023

Dragon’s Dogma II (Gameplay Trailer)

Dragon's Dogma II Full Presentation | Capcom Showcase 2023

PlayStation Showcase Rundown

The first of many events and showcases are here with Playstation. What we’ve done here for you is remove the fluff and talking. Now you have a simple list of games with their trailers. This lets you watch exactly what you’re interested in without needing to fiddle with the official showcase!


Fairgame$ - CGI Reveal Trailer | PS5 & PC Games

Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Announcement Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2023

Immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum - Official Gameplay Trailer | PS5 Games

Ghostrunner II

Ghostrunner 2 - Gameplay Teaser Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2023

Phantom Blade 0

Phantom Blade 0 Announcement Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2023

Sword of the Sea

Sword of the Sea - Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2023

Talos Principal II

The Talos Principle 2 - Reveal Trailer | PS5 Games


Neva - Reveal Trailer | PS5 Games

Cat Quest Pirates of the Purribean

Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean - Reveal Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games


Foamstars - Announce Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

The Plucky Squire

The Plucky Squire - Gameplay Trailer | PS5 Games


Teardown - PS5 Gameplay Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2023

MGS Snake Eater/MGS Master Collection Vol.1

METAL GEAR SOLID Δ SNAKE EATER Reveal Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2023

The Towers of Aghasba

Towers of Aghasba - Announce Trailer | PS5 games

Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 - Story Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2023

Alan Wake II

Alan Wake 2 Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2023

Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Assassin's Creed Mirage: Gameplay Trailer

Revenant Hill

Revenant Hill - Announce Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Granblue Fantasy Relink

Granblue Fantasy: Relink - PlayStation Showcase Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 - Your Story Trailer


Ultros - Reveal Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy - Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Dragon’s Dogma II

Dragon's Dogma 2 - 1st Trailer

Resident Evil 4 Remake VR

Resident Evil 4 - VR Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2023

Arizona Sunshine II

Arizona Sunshine 2 - Reveal Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2023

Crossfire Sierra Squad

Crossfire: Sierra Squad - Gameplay Trailer | PS VR2 Games


Synapse - Teaser Trailer | PS VR2 Games


Marathon - Announce Trailer | PS5 & PC Games


Concord - Teaser Trailer | PS5 & PC Games

Project Q

PlayStation 5 - Project Q Reveal Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2023

Spiderman 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 | Gameplay Reveal

YS IX: Monstrum Nox – PS5 Review

Adol Christin has had many adventures in his time. One of his greatest adventures comes to the Playstation 5. Let’s visit the prison city of Balduq once more as we relive this adventure in our Review of YS IX: Monstrum Nox!

  • YS IX: Mostrum Nox
  • Platform: PS5™ (Retail & Digital) 
  • Release Date(s): May 9, 2023 (NA – retail, digital), May 12, 2023 (EU – retail, digital), May 19, 2023 (ANZ – digital) 
  • Genre: Action RPG 
  • Publisher: NIS America, Inc. 
  • Developer: Nihon Falcom 
  • Audio Languages: English, Japanese 
  • Text Languages: English, French 
  • Website: https://nisamerica.com/ys-ix/

*Special Thanks to NIS America for providing a Playstation 5 review key! Note, this review will only cover the differences between the Playstation 5 version compared to the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions. You can find the PS4 review here, and the Nintendo Switch here. *


To briefly cover the story of YS IX, here is the official plot summary from the game’s website:

Experience the thrilling adventure of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox as it pierces through the shadows onto PS5™! After being cursed by a mysterious woman, Adol Christin becomes a Monstrum—a powerful being who can exorcize monsters. To escape from the prison city of Balduq, Adol must ally with five other Monstrums, each with their own unique Gifts, and stop the Grimwald Nox, a shadowy dimension on the brink of overflowing into the real world!
Feared Protectors: Play as any of the six notorious Monstrums, each with their own unique Gifts that grant abilities, such as scaling sheer walls or detecting hidden objects, to protect the city from shadowy creatures.
The World Within the Walls: Explore the massive city, accept quests to aid the townsfolk, and enter the Grimwald Nox to vanquish the threats to Balduq.
Strength of the Night: Familiar mechanics such as Flash Move and Flash Guard allow you to outmanoeuvre your foes, while new additions such as Gifts and Boost Mode further augment your ability to fight.

If this is your first adventure, you take the role of Adol Christin. Adol is a legend in the world known for his travels and exploits which he documents. His adventure finds him arriving at the city of Balduq, where our hero is arrested, ironically due to his past exploits. From his arrest, Adol finds himself on another adventure unexpectedly.

During this new adventure, the narrative is delivered in a well-paced, yet predictable format. It works well for the YS games, and as the saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The devs found the right pacing, and build upon it each YS game. However, this review will not go into detail about that, the previous reviews of this game go into great detail about it. This review covers the PS5 version differences. Let’s take a look at the gameplay:


Adol has never played better compared to other versions of YS IX. The game holds a solid framerate, and does not drop. The load times are next to non-existent, except for the initial game load in. This PS5 version improves on the issues from the performance from the previous versions. As a result, Adol and his gang of Monstrums function much better. Based on this, the PS5 version of YS IX alone should be the version to go for if you are aiming for the best performance. Additionally, this version includes ALL the DLC from the previous versions of the game ready to download.


Visually, the game is on par with the PS4 version, but much clearer and sharper. It looks good. See the screenshots in this review to make that determination as you compare it to the other versions. The Playstation 5 captures Adol in all his adventurer glory.


If you are a new player to the YS games and your platform of choice is not a barrier to entry, I recommend going for the playstation 5 version. You get the best performance for Adol’s newest adventure and the best looking version of it. Portability still goes to the Nintendo Switch. Playstation 4 version should only be considered if the other two are not an option.

Until next time, Mgs2master2 out!

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Review

In ancient China, there is a mysterious conflict that involves humans and demons. However, there is more beyond the surface. As the protagonist, will we be able to solve this conflict, or will the world fall to it? Let’s take a look at our review of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty!

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5 (reviewed) / PlayStation 4/ Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One/ Xbox Game Pass/ Steam/ Microsoft Store
  • Release date: March 3, 2023
  • Developer: Team Ninja

*Special thanks to Koei Tecmo PR for providing a Playstation 5 review key!*



From the official website:

184 A.D. China at the end of the Late Han Dynasty.
The world is in turmoil and infested with demons,
and the long and prosperous dynasty is on the verge of collapse.

As the Yellow Turban Rebellion rages,
led by Zhang Jiao’s Way of the Taiping,
the protagonist, a militia soldier heads out to suppress
the Yellow Turbans when he meets a young man.

This encounter engulfs the protagonist
into a swirling intrigue of chaos.

As with similar Team Ninja games, storytelling is not the strongest point in Wo Long. The game suffers from some interesting pacing and a story that does not make sense at times. It is not a well-developed narrative and is not delivered as other soul-like games. It feels at times that Wo Long is suffering an identity crisis when it wants to be like Sekiro, but it’s its own thing. At times, it succeeds in finding its own identity, but at others, it falls flat. That is not to say the story is bad, it just is an okay story.

From what I gathered, you are the self-insert protagonist as in any soul-like game. As this protagonist, you are tasked with fighting against the Yellow Turbans, but ultimately demons are involved in some capacity. After meeting some other important NPCs in the game, you are now tasked with not only stopping the Yellow Turbans but stopping the demons. However, as mentioned, the story is not the strongest point of Team Ninja games. Their bread and butter lie in the gameplay. Let’s take a look at Wo Long’s gameplay and see if it excels.


At moments, Wo Long stands tall with some amazing gameplay and combat. This game is a solid mix of Sekiro and Nioh in terms of gameplay. The player has a great deal of mobility and can move around each stage disposing of enemies with weapons at their disposal. Combat is solid once engaged with an enemy, where players can cheese some enemies, or use strategic battle tactics to take down the enemies. The bosses of each stage are no pushovers either. Players are in for a challenge, and it is a good challenge done well.

Through each stage, players can also feel the difficult curve ramping up. From the start of the stage, the difficulty is easy, and as the stage progresses, the difficulty pacing increases. It is done surprisingly well, and probably the best from any Team Ninja game I have experienced. However, that is to say, the gameplay does not suffer any issues. Some of the issues are the camera has a mind of its own (especially during intense combat moments/boss fights), sometimes the enemy AI is just completely inconsistent in terms of seeing you or not, the pointless weapons loot system, items that were gathered and never even examined/used, there is only one path in each stage to take despite being large stages, and the online component does suffer some lag due to the net code the system uses.

My biggest gripe from these issues is the weapons/armor loot system. Team Ninja seems to stuffer this issue with every single souls-like game they make. Players will get the same weapon 15 times, but different ranks, some stats, and with some minor differences in terms of perks attached to the weapon. It ultimately proves useless as it just takes up inventory space. I understand there is a shop to sell the weapons now, but that still doesn’t deter getting the same equipment at almost every stage in multiple quantities. It is better to just grab one weapon, and upgrade it as it can be better than 80% of the weapons found in the stages.

Overall, Wo Long has some very solid gameplay, some of which are the best that Team Ninja has ever done, but it’s weighed down by issues that carry from previous souls-like titles they developed. Next, let’s take a look at the audio and visuals of the title.


Visually, Wo Long looks fantastic in terms of character design. It is good to see characters like Cao Cao, Lu Bu, and others known from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era brought to life and looking fantastic. The level design is good and does a fantastic job of capturing the feel of ancient China. Some issues like in enemy designs as there is very little variety in terms of enemies.

Audio-wise, Wo Long features languages in Simplified Chinese, English, and Traditional Chinese. I have only played the game in the English Language, which was hit or miss. At times some of the voice actors delivered their lines fantastically and did a great job at doing it. At other times, it just seemed awkward and out of place. I will have to revisit the game and try one of the different languages and see how it holds up. Soundtrack-wise, the game has a good soundtrack with a variety of tracks. However, some songs do play more than others. It is not an issue, just be forewarned about this.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty OST - Infiltration

Fun Factor:

Wo Long is a fun game when you get immersed. Each person is different when it comes to souls-like games. Outside of the main stages, there is several side stages to complete as well. However, some of the issues I mentioned in the gameplay section did turn me off from enjoying the game at times. Remember to pace yourself and have fun, as there is fun to be had here.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty shows that Team Ninja can improve upon their gameplay in souls-like games. There are some great improvements from some of their other titles, and this is the best they have offered to date. However, the story-telling and pacing in terms of the story are okay at best. However, that has not been their strong point in their games. Wo Long shines in terms of gameplay.

However, that is not to say the game does not have issues. In short, Wo Long suffers the same issues as other Team Ninja titles. It is as if they fix some of the mechanics while leaving others in place. Nothing says useless loot when I pick up my 15th spear with a slightly different perk. It does not deter from the gameplay entirely, but it does break the immersion at times. There are some great components in Wo Long, but the same issues that persist in other Team Ninja games, persist here. It stops it short of being a great game, to just being a good game.

That being said, if you are looking for a new souls-like game, I do recommend checking this out if you want to satiate that fix or are just curious. You might not be disappointed. It is currently on Game Pass and as of this writing, the game is on sale in several stores (again as of this writing), which is surprising for a sale already on release.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin! – Review

Let’s travel to the past, specifically to the 1860s. This is a vibrant time for samurai to roam free. However, not all is what it seems. Sakamoto Ryoma is caught in the middle of a pivotal moment in history. His actions may very much shape the future of Japan as we know it. Will that be the case? Let’s take a look at our review of Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Like a Dragon: Ishin!

  • Platform: Playstation 4, Playstation 5, PC, XBOX One, Xbox Series S|X
  • Release Date:2/21/2023
  • Publisher: SEGA of America, Inc.
  • Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
  • Genre: Action, Adventure

*Special thanks to SEGA PR for providing an Xbox Series S|X review key. There will also be images of the PS5 version of the game, the writer purchased the Ps5 version*


From the official website:

Centuries of peace are coming to an end. Across the nation, factions assemble in anticipation of civil war.
Imperial loyalists unite under the banner of “sonno joui”—revere the Emperor, expel the barbarians. They fight to overthrow Japan’s military dictatorship and shut its borders to foreign influence.
Meanwhile, the ruling government, the Bakufu, has assigned special police forces to maintain order—provided they can manage to coexist without drawing blades on one another.
And in the capital city of Kyo, a man who will change the course of history seeks justice… and revenge.

Sakamoto Ryoma.

Accused of murdering someone he holds dear, this lowly samurai from a backwater land renounces his name and goes into hiding.
To find the true killer’s identity, Ryoma must conceal himself among the wolves of the infamous Shinsengumi.
Taking the alias Saito Hajime, it isn’t long before he winds up embroiled in the political schemes and savage violence that will reshape the country—and give rise to legends.

Like a Dragon: Ishin is a game that took several years to finally make it outside of Japan. It was only thanks to the recent successes of such games as Ghost of Tsushima that made this was possible. In Like a Dragon, we take a look at our beloved and favorite characters from the franchise (Yakuza, which moving forward the series is now called Like a Dragon) in a different light. This game is a non-canon spinoff of the franchise with the same charm in a different setting.

This means that all of the wonderful pacing, story, delivery, atmosphere, and overall feel of the Yakuza franchise are all here. It works well in this setting of Kyo and as a Samurai. You take the role of not-Kiyru aka Sakamoto Ryoma who coincidentally follows the same pattern as Kiyru. He gets framed for murder and must prove his innocence. However, the story does develop in a way that is not expected from the Yakuza Franchise.

For those interested, I will not spoil it in this review so get caught up in the wonderful story. However, from the transition of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, to Like a Dragon: Ishin, does the gameplay hold up? Let’s take a look at it.


Like a Dragon: Ishin takes the gameplay from all entries of the franchise (except Yakuza: Like a Dragon) and implements it here. That is to say, combat is the only difference. The combat is back to the original that most of the fans know and love, which is not the turn-based method, but fighting in real-time. There are four different fighting styles to choose from, each with its element of strategy to incorporate into battle.

Like a Dragon: Ishin also has tutorials for every single new element introduced so newcomers to the franchise can fit right in with the veterans. Combat though is only one component of the game. Ask any fan of the franchise, they can tell you that Yakuza games are known for their sidequests, side stories, and mini-games. Each of these is masterfully crafted and keeps the players engaged at any single moment.

Some fan favorites make a return, such as karaoke and dancing, but there are much more mini-games for players to discover. There is so much to do that will keep players engaged. Speaking of, let’s take a look at the audio section of the game.



The audio is Japanese voices only with English subtitles. The developers stated they intentionally did this to keep the authentic feel of that period. It was a smart move on their part. The voice work brings back the Japanese voice actors reprising the roles of their characters from previous entries. They do a great job playing these new roles.

Like a Dragon: Ishin Karaoke - Baka Mitai (I've been a fool)

Visually, this game looks impressive for being a remaster of a game that originally came out in 2014. It captures the feel of Kyo at this period and is on par with any other game in the franchise.

Fun Factor:

Like a Dragon: Ishin is a fun game. If you are a fan of the franchise, you will find fun here. If you are a newcomer, there is so much to do that you will find fun in it as well. The game delivers on all fronts, no questions about it.


Like a Dragon: Ishin was several years in the making to get released outside of Japan. Frankly, I am thankful for it. This has been a solid game from beginning to end. I enjoyed my time with the Xbox version and Playstation version of the games. I finished it twice, and frankly, I will go for another playthrough again shortly. It is a strong contender to being game of the year for 2023 currently.

Newcomers to the franchise do not near to fear as this is a spinoff from the franchise and a stand-alone title. They can just jump right in and have fun. Fans of the franchise will love the updated visuals of characters from the franchise as a type of love letter to the fans. The developers took the time to put love and care into this remaster of the game, and it shows. I can wholeheartedly say, do not miss this game, it is fun from start to end.

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*Special thanks to SEGA PR for providing an Xbox Series S|X review key. There will also be images of the PS5 version of the game, the writer purchased the Ps5 version*

Game Review: Risen for Switch

This game originally passed me by when it first dropped for PC and Xbox 360 back in the day. At the time I wasn’t really into role playing games unless they started with the words Final and Fantasy. Since then, I’m learned to embrace western RPGs a bit more. So today, we’re going to discuss how I feel about a Western RPG with out of date mechanics. Maybe it will take me down memory lane…


The island Faranga needs a new hero, you! Delve into a gritty, raw and atmospheric action-RPG fantasy game in which every action has a consequence. In the epic world of Risen, filled with mysterious earthquakes, fearsome monsters and unimaginable treasures, forge your path with the sword, learn the art of staff fighting or become a powerful mage.


A mysterious volcanic island. The island of Faranga’s heavy tremors bode ill for its inhabitants. Ancient temples have risen from the ground, bringing with them bizarre creatures that terrorize the area. Fear and panic are spreading throughout the population.

The end of all hope? A powerful group calling themselves “The Inquisitors” have made it their quest to put an end to these events. They send an expedition to Faranga, but a ferocious storm takes hold of the ship and destroys it at sea.

A hero will come. Miraculously, you survive the shipwreck and are stranded on the volcanic island alone. You find yourself caught amidst rebellion, tyranny, and mystic rituals. It is up to you to decide which way the pendulum of fate will swing.


Risen | Nintendo Switch Release Trailer

Pros & Cons:

  • Visuals. Right at the start, I want to temper your expectations. With this game being a direct port of the Xbox 360 title, you can expect just that. If you’ve already played the game back in 2009 and are just looking for a portable experience for it, this will scratch your nostalgia itch. But if you’re someone who never experienced the title or never played 360 games, then this may be a shock to you. This is especially true for those who have played beautiful ports like The Witcher 3. However, the difference here is that the source material is a generation older. So be very certain you’re okay with graphics that are well over a decade old now. Does that mean they’re ugly? Hell no. There is some occasional screen tearing, but I feel like this could definitely be resolved with a patch in the future. Look, these were some of the best-looking visuals of their time and hold up pretty well today. I’m sad that I overlooked this title back then, I could’ve actually had fun. And now I want to slap old me across the face and tell him to play it.
  • Gameplay. And because they looked so good at the time, they play very well on modern hardware. Even though the Switch is finally showing its age, games from a previous generation will always look and work well on it. Since we’re working with a game that plays well, that means that we’re working with a smooth experience. There did not appear to be any noticeable frame drops while I was playing. So the game didn’t hiccup and had smooth combat.
    Speaking of combat, this game follows traditional RPG elements. You can really customize how you want to fight and select from a wide variety of weaponry. Spells are part of your physical arsenal too, they’re not something that you have to learn like in some RPGs. Skill points are your friend as you continue. Later in the game, you’ll feel like you wish you’d had the strength you have in the beginning. But that’s the nature of these kinds of games.
    The game is typical in how you use weaponry and such. There is a lot of close-quarters combat, you know, because there are no guns here. You’ll find that poking, parrying, and or dodging are all par for the course. There is combat that is unique to this game, which is stances. For instance, if you swing in the wrong stance whilst they dodge, you can lose the entire fight. This mechanic works in both directions though, It’s very tactical and smart in that way.
    So far all I’ve mentioned is weapons and attacking. You can definitely be stealthy if you’d prefer. Don’t get me wrong, there will be points where lock picking to get through an area isn’t the only way. There will be some times you have to use violence, but on the whole, the game is classless. And as such, the game does indeed try to cater to you. I’m unsure if this style of custom class continues on into future sequels. But I hope that it does, because having a class to choose from and pigeonholing yourself, is rather boring.
  • Story. The developers definitely just throw you into the story. It feels like Skyrim may have been their inspiration, but starting the story is where the inspiration seems to end.  You wake up as a stowaway on a large ship. And without too much of the story being spoiled, the ship ends up sinking in a very unique way. You’d think it would be a Kraken or a Siren that causes the distress of a ship and its crew out in the ocean. You (and seemingly nobody else) wash ashore on the island of Faranga. This is where the entire game unfolds for you. This is a game where every decision seems like it’s going to impact the story. However, the devs have crafted a game that, smartly, stays intact regardless of your decisions. This is a good decision on their part because you may hate your situation halfway through a game where decisions do matter. Then you either give up or start entirely over, both of which is a fat ass bummer. There are plot points that do change the overall trajectory, but they do not affect every little element and ruin your playing experience. And that is the beautiful balance of this game. Your actions will always yield a reaction, but the story is relatively linear, so go crazy with your choices!
  • Replayability. Risen on the whole is no “short” title, coming in at an average of 30 hours. I definitely dislike games that exceed 10 hours because I have ADHD and have such little free time. However, I fell into this game and I got well over halfway through my time with it leading up to the review. If 30 hours isn’t enough for you, I wish I could tell you that this game has a New Game Plus built in, but alas, I didn’t see it mentioned in any of the marketing for the title.
  • Portability. As I said, I fell into the rabbit hole that is Risen. On the Switch, I really didn’t run into any issues except the aforementioned minor screen tearing. If you need this game portably and you like the old graphics and UI, then this is going to be exactly in your wheelhouse. Imagine having a lightweight, 30 hour RPG in your backpack. Ready to take out and play at any time. An RPG that is feasible to easily beat as you take it along everywhere, playing it here and there. This game is definitely not heavy-handed and doesn’t take itself too seriously, so it’s easier to consume versus the Wither 3s of the world. Now, if you need a more robust, better looking experience on the go and you own a Steam Deck, I recommend that experience over one on the Switch.

  • Cost. This game doesn’t take itself too seriously. Obviously, it’s just a cost for reimbursing THQ Nordic’s cost of having developers port the title to the Switch. Their hope is clearly that you will be hooked and you will want to play the sequels. This chain reaction will get them more money than they had before. Maybe we’ll see another sequel come out too if the reaction to this game is good. So for a paltry $30, you can start having dozens of hours of RPG fun, right now.
  • Fun? Does this game actually offer any real entertainment value? The images posted in this review do look generic. My explanation of the visuals, sound, and gameplay might leave you still perplexed as to whether the title is truly fun. RPGs can be more of a chore in certain games or an overpowered thrill ride in others. I think what has happened here is something truly unique to this title. It seems to have taken little bits of what made the other RPGs of the time fun and successful and stick them in. There are some unique elements too, but on the whole, you’ll find a little bit of everything from the time. But they don’t bore you with a game that is way too long, giving you a job versus giving you fun. No, because they distilled this into a 30 hour experience, you get a little bit of it all and then it knows when to call it quits. So yes, on the whole, this is definitely a fun experience. One that can be had for $1 per hour of play.

Final Thoughts:

If you already have purchased and/or beaten it, I’m not sure that there is a reason for me to justify you buying this rerelease. The Switch version looks and plays like the 360 version. And playing the Xbox One and PS4 version looks like it is not worth the extra $10. So if you have an Xbox One, just buy the $19.99 version for the Xbox 360. As far as the game is concerned, I missed it’s original release and I’m glad to have had a chance to play it. It doesn’t take itself too seriously while still offering challenge and fun.

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Game Review: Mortal Shell Complete Edition for Switch

For some reason, Mortal Shell passed me by when it first released. It looked like another dark and gloomy game at the time. And while I knew it wasn’t trying to be 100% a Souls-type game, I couldn’t help but think of it as such from its marketing. The distinction between the two wasn’t enough to make me think of it as anything else other than a Soul-alike. Now that I’ve got my hands on the game for Switch, I can finally find out how the game plays and if it’s worth your time picking it up on Switch.


Mortal Shell is a deep action-RPG that tests your sanity and resilience in a shattered world. Your adversaries spare no mercy, with survival demanding superior awareness, precision, and instincts. Possess lost warriors, track down hidden sanctums of the devout, and face formidable foes.


For the first time, Mortal Shell: Complete Edition brings together all content updates and DLC into one formidable package.

Included in Mortal Shell: Complete Edition is the game-altering Virtuous Cycle expansion – an entirely new roguelike mode that brings random and repeatable savagery to Fallgrim.

Also present is Hadern, once your elusive teacher, now yours to master as Mortal Shell’s fifth possessable and playable character.

Mortal Shell: Complete Edition also features the Rotten Autumn content update, which adds unique Shell shades, a new mini-quest, a powerful new photo mode, and an alternative boss fight soundtrack from black metal band Rotting Christ.


Mortal Shell: Complete Edition | Official Launch Trailer | Nintendo Switch

Pros & Cons:

  • Visual Filters. There are only two filters in the game, unless more are unlocked at the end. But in the beginning, for sure, there are only two of them. There is one called “Indie” and I detest this. I can’t imagine it was added to the Switch release only, but what it does makes you think of an Indie game on the Switch. It basically turns the graphics that are halfway decent into pixels and jagged edges. It’s the same concept as if you were to take a great looking game and then draped a lace curtain over your TV screen. You can still see what’s going on, but it’s a massive distraction. The filter that I liked was the other one, film grain. In fact, I recommend it and I recommend leaving it on. It makes the game look better by obscuring the blemishes of the game. I’m uncertain if this was also specific to the Switch to make you want to round off the edges, but it works.
  • DLC. There is a DLC pack included in this game, and surprisingly I didn’t have to download something separate or do an update to get it. With this complete edition, you’ll find things like camera mode and other little bits and bobs. Nothing that really changes or enhances the gameplay. But once you have done certain things within the main game, you can then gain access to the DLC. The DLC content is vaguely titled ‘The Virtuous Cycle’. This content adds rogue-like features to the game. You’ll still fight bosses and go through the entire game. However, with The Virtuous Cycle, the baddies are random. You’re also enhanced with abilities and traits that are not in the main game. For some, this may be the best way to play the game, but you first have to tolerate the game as it was designed.
  • Load Times. They’re long and they’re bad. I’m sure that this was just a straight port, but it feels like it’s running from a disc still. The game tries to mitigate the issue by having one long load initially. So, you’d better not die in this game otherwise you’ll have little to make you want to get back in the game by the 3rd or 4th time you have to wait for a reload. The good thing about a modern console is being able to put it to sleep and wake it up. So if you’re playing on the Switch, you can press a button to just let it go to sleep. However, if the Switch dies or if you power it off, you will have to sit through the long initial loading screen again. But yeah, go ahead and try to avoid death.
  • Text. This stuff is itty bitty. Had I known that I wouldn’t have asked to review it for Switch, but here we are. What’s worse is that I reviewed it on my Switch Lite since I take it on the go. My primary Switch stays docked at home for play on the big screen. So, yeah, I could read that just fine. You can change the subtitles to be large and increase the HUD and UI, so in all fairness, it makes the game more tolerable. But it is still very small compared to other games on the Switch.
  • Framerate & Gameplay. I honestly cannot tell what the frame rate is for this game, but by playing it I’m able to discern several things. First off, the frames drop a lot and the top end feels playable. However, you don’t really live in the top end. There is no constant frame rate in this game, it’s very dependent on what is happening and how many elements are on screen at the time. So the beginning of the game teaches you how to fight, but that is out the window later on. As you progress, the game seems to feel more sluggish as the visual elements increase on your journey and so does the number of baddies. That doesn’t make this game unbeatable, and I’m guessing that that was the assignment given to the developers porting it.
    I’m sure this title is more suited to a docked Switch experience, but if you are playing on a TV, it shouldn’t be through the Switch. The great thing about this game is that, compared to a From Software title, it’s short. This game will take you 10 hours to play through the base gameplay. If you care about side missions it’s a couple of hours longer and if you want everything it’s 20 hours. I think if you buy this on Switch, you’ll be happy if you just play the base game.

  • Souls. Yes, it’s definitely what I thought it was based on the marketing. The game itself even starts the same way as the games it sets out it emulate. You wake up, you don’t know who you are or what you’re doing. You have to examine elements with text and such to get inclinations as to the story. And then, the gameplay features a lot of poking and dodging. This is all viewed from a third-person camera, so it all looks correct. When it works smoothly, it feels like a Souls-type. When it doesn’t work, and I don’t want to wait through loading again due to death, I found myself dodging and rolling beyond a baddie just to continue on.
    Having said that, I think the fact that it passed so many by in 2020 the PS5 was coming out. A lot of people at the time were amped for the release of the Demons Souls remake on it. I think many more people, while not able to buy a PS5, just didn’t even consider another souls game at that point. They were discussing the footage and images that were released for Demons Souls, which likely marred the release of this game. Demons Souls was announced in June, Mortal Shell came out a few months later. I just think that whether you enjoy playing Soulsbourne games, you should definitely try this now that you’ve likely beaten Demons Souls or you’ve given up trying to find a PS5.

Final Thoughts:

For me, this port falls somewhere in the middle ground. I certainly didn’t hate my time with Mortal Shell. I actually like what this game was trying to do, but its ambitions outweighed its success. You can feel that you want more out of this title. More speed, more frames, more visuals, larger text, etc. So if you want to play a game that is indeed a souls-type, then make sure you buy this on another console. You’ll be right at home with the title even playing it on Xbox One or PS4 launch models. And there is an enhanced edition on Xbox Series and PS5 if you own one of those. If you really want to play this game portably, I’d recommend picking it up for a Steam Deck or playing it on a laptop. The experience will be where the developers wanted it to be and you’ll enjoy yourself.

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