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Hardware Review: EDFX–Krikzz’ Video Out Solution for PCE/TG16

The PC Engine and the Turbo Grafx 16 came at a time when there was almost a normalized video-out solution, but was still a bit “wild west”. Your modern-day consoles all use HDMI which is interchangeable and work on every current TV with just one cable. Our review today is …

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Hardware Review: Turbo Everdrive PRO–Krikzz’ Newest Everdrive for PCE/TG16

Hello, good morning/afternoon/evening. We’ve got another Krikzz special for you today, the recently released Turbo Everdrive PRO for the PCEngine family of consoles. We’re going to go into a lot of details for this product, the only thing I won’t be doing is comparing it to the version before it. …

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Hardware Review: 3D Printed Retro Parts from Retro Frog

I have been wanting to cover something like this for a long time. 3D printed parts from a small, individually owned company. Not just any 3D printed parts, mind you, but quality ones. Ones created and printed for the sole use in retro consoles and handhelds. Today, that is finally …

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