Astlibra Revision – Review

When a world-changing event takes place, one is left to wonder what happened. We wake up in a world devoid of humans, trying to discover our origins. However, as this is transpiring, the player is introduced to a unique world, interesting world-building, and a one-of-a-kind narrative. Welcome to one of the best JRPGS you never heard of in our review of Astlibra Revision.

Astlibra Revision
Release date: November 16, 2023
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: WhisperGames
Developer: KEIZO
Platform: PC and Nintendo Switch

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From the official website:

It is the full-length version of ASTLIBRA, a side-scrolling action RPG, with newly updated mechanics and content. Get ready for all-new skills, additional dungeons, and more mysterious secrets!

In addition to the new content, the existing game has received a further, beautiful layer of polish. DX Library developer, Takumi Yamada, has brought high-resolution, widescreen graphics into the fray, while graphic designer Shigatake and illustrator Haku Tatsufuchi deliver stunning character and monster art refinements.

Character controls, core mechanics, Event Skip, KARON My Set, music loop specs, and direct synthesis from recipes have also been redesigned. And now, with multilingual support, ASTLIBRA can be enjoyed by entirely new audiences across the world!

ASTLIBRA Revision also includes a brand new Postscript chapter – The Star Eaters.

Astlibra Revision is a very unique RPG. It is a game that has had 14 years in development and more than 1 year for revision, award-winning indie developer KEIZO gave his all into this work. I genuinely want to elaborate on the story, but it is a very one-of-a-kind story so I will minimize this. The story is very well developed. In addition to the, world building, the discovery, and the narrative delivery, all of this have been very solid. When I saw this is probably the best JRPG you ever played, I meant this sincerely.

It’s a creative layer cake of plot twist on top plot twist. From the start, players think they may get the story, but when a new twist is introduced, rather quickly, it adds that new layer. The reliance on these plot twists may turn off the player from the story, but stick through it. I promise you, the player, that ASTLIBRA Revision will deliver a one-of-a-kind story. The Revision includes even more content compared to the original.

In terms of the story, it is top-notch. Does the gameplay match its caliber? Let’s take a look at gameplay.


The gameplay in Astlibra Revision is very tight in a good way. The gameplay is simple, and it works. Players have attacks, magic, and skills. New abilities are unlocked via the skill tree and found in the world. It is very much like old-school RPGs. In addition to the battle, players explore the worlds, meet others during their journeys, and partake in quests that are worth it.


Audio-wise, the soundtrack, is solid. There is no voice work, but the music is fantastic, and the sound is mixed well. Every and all elements mix well and blend well to bring the world to life and be very atmospheric.

Visually, Astlibra Revision is a solid-looking title. The quality of the work shows and the developer went all out for this. Hats off to them. Different environments that are introduced in the world-building, and exploration are shown. Using different gameplay elements to explore the worlds too, is fantastic. Another impressive visual factor is the visuals for the equipment and weapons you use are shown, it is not a default one. The elements change as you change with them.


Astlibra Revision is the best JPRG you most likely never played. If you have a PC or Nintendo Switch, pick this title up. You will not regret it. Stick it out, enjoy it, and have some serious fun!

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