Hardware Review: Merry Krikzzmas!

Tis the season, tis the reason; to buy decor and more from our friends @KrikzzStore! There’s snow outside and warmth in your heart, whether you need gifts for yourself or others, Krikzz’s site(s) is where to start! Today’s article covers several fun things, so sit back, relax, and scroll to find out what surprises this review brings!

Unboxing Video (No rhyming, I promise):

Everdrive GBA Mini Clamshell:

The GBA Mini clamshell is an extremely endearing accessory, tailored perfectly to accommodate the Everdrive GBA Mini. Not only does it boast a complete front, spine, and back cover, but it also includes an informative insert. An appealing feature is the inclusion of a QR code linking to the manual, although a preferable alternative would be the option to purchase it with a comprehensive manual for an additional $10. Regardless, the slight downside of the clamshell’s size resembling that of a DS rather than a GBA box is understandable and not a major concern. At a mere $4, this delightful addition unquestionably merits a place on your shelf.

Turbo Everdrive Pro Clamshell:

The Turbo Everdrive Pro clamshell follows a similar design to the GBA Mini clamshell in terms of size and shape, which might be disappointing for some who expected a CD-shaped jewel case similar to the original Turbo Grafx games. However, it features a well-designed cover providing a concise overview of the Turbo Everdrive. The inclusion of an insert with details and a QR code for the full manual is a nice touch. While initially struggling to insert the cartridge due to the snug slot, repeated attempts make it easier as the slot loosens up. Overall, considering its affordable price of $4, it’s difficult to find major faults with this clamshell case!

GBA Shells:

Let’s now discuss the main reason for our discussion: the GBA cartridge shells. These shells are as durable as ever, and I have mentioned their durability in previous reviews. They are also available in various colors, allowing you to change the appearance of your existing GBA Everdrive Mini. However, they can also serve as fun and geeky decorations, especially if you proudly embrace your nerdiness. Priced at only $4 each, they are comparable to midrange glass ornaments, with the added benefit of being able to withstand storage and repeated use over the years. As seen in my unboxing video, I showcased some shells hanging as ornaments and others used in different decorative setups. The possibilities are endless – you can hang them on the tree, incorporate them into a wreath, or use them in garlands. In fact, I’m considering buying more next year to create a tree topper out of them!

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Turbo Everdrive Pro Clamshell

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