Firmware 17.0.0 is bricking some Nintendo Switch’s!!

“Some people are finding that upon updating to 17.0.0, their consoles are getting a black screen and refusing to boot further. Worse, some people are reporting that this is happening even on consoles that are not using CFW in any way. 

The root cause of this turns out to be an under-the-hood change Nintendo made to save file management, in 17.0.0. This change interacts badly with the way some users have modified the SYSTEM partition in their eMMC in the past; in particular, it turns out to cause systems that have (at any point in the past) used certain unofficial methods to “reset”/”wipe” the internal eMMC to completely fail to boot.

So, what change did they make? To answer that, we need to talk about parallel universes and how save files are managed.

Before that, though, let me get this out of the way:

  • This issue will never occur on consoles that have never been wiped/reset using unofficial methods in the past.
  • Consoles that have only ever been wiped/reset using official methods are unaffected.
  • This issue is probably not intentional on Nintendo’s part, it’s a side-effect of a legitimate change.”

For those interested check out the whole rundown here:

The method below to unbrick the system might work for you but this is what SciresM said about it.
Deleting that save will only fix the issue if you’re on 17.0.0 and boot into atmosphere immediately afterward. Otherwise, it will just brick you harder. 
Use this guide with caution:
“To everyone who bricked their Switch after updating to 17.0.0, Try this easy guide by @sthetixofficial to try and fix the issue with the 8000000000000120 file.
1. Dump the console keys using the Lockpick RCM
2. Run the Tegraexplorer, browse the eMMC, get into the SYSTEM partition, enter the SAVE folder, and delete the 8000000000000120 file 3. After that, you can boot your console to either the CFW environment or the OFW again.



“The exosphere.ini / serial number blanking is an issue and another issue is the serial number blanking by the exosphere.ini. Your Switch will crash if you blank the serial number while trying to connect the console to the Internet. The only solution for this issue is not using the exosphere.ini file or other blanking method OR not connecting to the internet – Big N is trying to expose everyone who uses the CFW.”

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