The Most Ultimate PSVita Retro Game Pack out there…

About a month ago over at user, CrazyMac released one of the most ultimate retro game packs for the PSVita out there, equaling 150 gigs of retro goodness. This retro game pack has everything you could ever want on the PSVita or PSTV. Updated notes are at the bottom of the post.PSVita

There are two different flavors to download either Lite or Mega bundle. The torrent download has everything ready to rock for the PSVita, plus comes with an extensive how-to-install PDF with very detailed instructions. Most of these emulators are already tweaked to their best performance so there should be much to do other than install them and get to playing some retro goodness on your PSVita or PSTV.

You can download the torrents here, just remember the mega one is going to be about 150gigs to download.

Dowanload: PS.Vita.Retro.Ultimate.LITE.Version.3.0-CrazyMac

Download: PS.Vita.Retro.Ultimate.MEGA.Version.3.0-CrazyMac


Install this at your OWN RISK!! No harm was done to any PS VITA consoles during testing.
1. Your PS VITA MUST be hacked with VitaShell Installed!!
2. Minimum 210 GB Free Space on a Micro SD Card
3. If you have RetroArch installed on your PS Vita…. UNINSTALL IT!
4. Ensure Hidden files can be viewed on your Mac or PC

If you have a previous Build of craZyMac’s PS Vita Retro Ultimate LITE Version 1.0 installed or any other retroarch Builds, you MUST remove them, follow these steps;
1. Uninstall RetroArch App by selecting the bubble and uninstall.
2. Delete the retroarch folder in ux0:/data/
3. Delete the overlay folder in ux0:/
4. Delete the roms folder in ux0:/

TIPS • When deleting big folders, do NOT attempt to delete them in VitaShell or via FTP. • Power Down your PS Vita, insert the SD Card into your PC/Mac, delete the relevant large folders and empty the recycle bin. Via USB Cable is also reliable. WAIT for the deletion to FULLY complete or risk corrupting your SD Card.

Installation Instructions
1. Copy the supplied RetroArch.vpk from the download to the root of ux0:, then proceed to installing RetroArch with VitaShell. DO NOT open RetroArch once installed YET, you need to copy some more files FIRST.

2. From the download, copy these 2 folders to the root of ux0:/ (This cannot be a different location!)

  • overlay
  • roms

IF these 2 folders already exist for you in ux0:/ , delete them (Back them up FIRST if you need the files).

3. From the download, copy only the retroarch folder into ux0:/data/ (create the data folder in ux0:/ if it doesn’t exist (case sensitive)

4. COPY & REPLACE gpsp_libretro.self into ux0:/app/RETROVITA/ (required for GBA)
*** (DO NOT delete the data folder on the root of ux0:/ if it is already present.) ***

TIPS • To copy the folders above over quickly, Power Down your PS Vita, insert the micro SD Card into your PC/Mac or use a USB Cable. • Do NOT attempt to copy the folders in the above steps via FTP. • AGAIN – IF any of the 3 folders overlay, roms & retroarch already exist on your PS VITA, delete them and add the new ones from the download.

You are now DONE!!

You can now launch RetroArch from the Home Screen and get into some retro gaming like never before on the PS Vita!! 🙂

Controls and Navigation in RetroArch
1. Navigate Retroarch using the “D Pad” or “left joystick”
2. “Circle” is select and “X” is back (you can switch them around if you wish in settings > input > turn ON “Menu Swap OK & Cancel Buttons” then go back to Main Menu > Configuration File > “Save Current Configuration”
3. To scroll through game list faster by LETTER, use “L1 & R1”
4. To start playing a game, scroll right or left through the playlist, scroll up or down through the game list, select a game with “Circle” , select “RUN” and done. (No need to load core or load content!!). Every time you launch a game, the correct core will automatically load. This is embedded into the playlists!
5. To exit a game press “down” and “select” together, this opens the quickmenu, then scroll down to close content and press “circle” 6. Arcade Games the “select” button is Coin Credits

TIPS • DO NOT launch another game unless you exit the game via quick menu > close content as stated above. No need to quit RetroArch.

How to remove roms and playlists to reduce the image size
1. MOVE the relevant playlist file you wish to remove from ux0:/data/retroarch/playlists/ into ux0:/data/retroarch/playlists/Spare Playlists/
2. If you want to save space on your sd card as well then delete the matching roms & artwork folder
1. Roms folders are located in ux0:/roms/
2. Artwork folders are located in ux0:/data/retroarch/thumbnails/
of 8 15 ZX Spectrum
1. Press select to bring up the Keyboard, use d pad to navigate and O to select, press select again to remove the keyboard. You need to press keys in most games to select the Kempston Joystick and and usually a letter to start the game.
2. Kempston Joystick is the default controller.
3. Some Games may require the controller type to be changed, you can go to quick menu, scroll down to controls and change User 1 Device Type from Kempston Joystick to another one eg Cursor Joystick or Sinclair 1 Joystick


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