Summer Game Fest Day 1

Geoff Keighley is back again for another set of announcements. The event is presented by Prime Gaming, but they don’t only focus on games that Amazon supplies via their service. No, instead, Geoff introduces and discusses existing games that will be coming to all platforms. These games range from indie games to high profile AAA titles. Let’s talk about what they announced on day 1 of Summer Game Fest! Don’t want talk and just want action? No worries, the full video is at the bottom.


Metal Slug Tactics:

Death Stranding-Director’s Cut:

Jurassic World Evolution 2:

Lost Ark:

COD Cold War X WarZone:

Among Us-Updates:


Salt & Sacrifice:

Chivalry 2:

Escape from Tarkov:

Two Point Campus:

Stranger Things X Smite:

Gungrave G.O.R.E, The Last Oricru, Outward, Scars Above, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Dolmen, Crossfire Legion, Iron Harvest 1920+, Mount and Blade II-Bannerlord, Kings Bounty II, Codename-Final Form, Encased, Echoes of the End, Prime Matter:


The Anacrusis:

New World:

Rocket League-Fast 9:

Vampire the Masquerade-Blood Hunt:

House of Ashes:

Tales of Arise:

Planet of Lana:

Overwatch 2:

Monster Hunter Stories 2-Wings of Ruin:

Endless Dungeon:

Back 4 Blood:


Tribes of Midgard:

The Evil Dead Game:

Elden Ring:

Full Video:

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