Update: Mira ported to new PS4 FW 7.55 exploit…

Mira/HENDeveloper sleirsgoevy and help from the community have been on fire as Mira has been ported to the new exploit for FW7.55. If thing keeps up at this rate, FW 755 might be the new golden firmware to be on.

So for now it’s still not recommended to update to FW7.55 as there’s still a lot of work to be done before I would recommend updating. Now if things keep going at this pace that they’re going, the tools will get ported and it’ll just be a matter of time before everyone can update to FW 7.55. In the meantime, 5.05 users just hang back and wait for everything to come together before updating. If you are on FW7.55 and want to test it, use what Alazif has put together also.

Download: Mira FW7.55

Download: JB FW7.55 with Patches

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