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The PlayStation Classic is it worth getting?

Yesterday on December 3rd the PlayStation classic was released and ready to purchase at retail stores. The PlayStation classic has a price tag of $100 dollars but is it really worth it.

I know a lot us have already heard all the bad things about the PlayStation classic going around the Net and they are all true. This device is a quick money grab and a way for them to jump on the mini hype train Nintendo has made with their classic system.

The PS1 classic does a very bad job of emulation with slow downs and frame rate drops and that limited 20 games you can play on it for a $100 dollars. When there are so many other devices that do a better job of playing PS1 games and they are cheaper.

    1. PlayStation 3, you can pick up a used PS3 ranging from $35 all the way up to $90 dollars.
    2. PSP or PSPgo, you can find these guys ranging in the same ballpark areas of the PS3 from $35 up to $90 dollars.
    3. Raspberry Pi, $35 plus SD card & controllers and you could still keep it below $100 dollars.
    4. Almost any Android device, with at least 2 CPU cores, 2g of ram, can run retroarch and the pcsx rearmed core pretty damn good. A lot of Android devices can be purchased below $100, especially used ones.
    5. PSVita or PSTV, now these two are not the easiest to find anymore and can get above $100 due to there expensive memory cards, but we’ve seen them range from $50 to $120 used.

These are just some of the devices out there that can do a better job at emulating PS1 games than the PlayStation classic and could save you a few bucks too. So if you’re a savvy tech shopper who likes to get the most bang for your buck I definitely stay away from the PlayStation classic as its only will disappoint. Now if you are a mini console collector then there’s no way to get around it, you’re going to pick it up anyways and still be disappointed.

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