The NES classic experience is coming to the Nintendo Switch as a homebrew??

You’re probably thinking Nintendo has already given us NES games on the Switch with their silly online service. Well, developer & video creator @bms2993 has one up Nintendo with recreating the NES classic as a Homebrew for the Nintendo Switch. Which in my opinion looks a hell of a lot nicer than what Nintendo gave us. The update is at the bottom of the page.

No word on an official release date but you can try out the beta as he has set up a discord channel just for beta testing. You can join the Discord server here:  Now you might have to wait to test it as there are no links in there yet but from the looks of everything, it’s going really well.


It seems that developer BMS2993 has disappeared. His twitter account has been deleted and so is the discord channel. I believe that the internet wasn’t too nice to the dev or it became overloaded with requests, so he decided to delete everything (That’s my guess). With that being said I know most of you would like to give it a try, even if its a beta and still needs some work. So I did some digging around on the net and was able to find one of the betas out in the wild.

Download: NES classic (Clover)

“To install, drag “clover” into “sdmc:/switch”. To add games, edit “sdmc:/switch/clover/user/data.json”. There are several games that look like they are preloaded, but the ROM files are stubs. You will have to add your own ROMs to “sdmc:/switch/user/rom/”.


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