How to play Nintendo Switch games online when you’ve been banned…

So you’ve been banned for whatever reason and now some of your games seem to be collecting dust since it happen. Well, there is some good news as tunneling is still a thing especially if the games have a LAN mode.

Tunneling was a big thing back in the Xbox/PS2/PSP days and lucky it’s never going to die. The way we do it may have changed a few time but the results are still the same.

Right now there are only a few games that can be played like this but that’s how it normally starts out. Plus the games need to have a LAN party option to take advantage of tunneling.

Compatible Games (tested):

✓ Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
✓ Splatoon 2
✓ Pokkén Tournament
✓ Titan Quest
✓ RetroArch (Retrogaming {Hombrew})
✓ Mario Tennis Aces

Tools needed:

· WinPcap
· switch-lan-play

The private server, published by gbatemp.

1) 11451
2) 11451
4) 11451
6) 11451
7) relay1. 11451
: 11451 11) 11451
12) slp.rush-hour 11451

Install the downloaded WinPcap and execute the downloaded lan-play-win.exe. Enter the address and port of the private server you want to connect to.

Now go to the Switch Settings -> Internet -> Internet Settings and change the IP Address Setting to manual. For the DNS, just make sure to use the DNS addresses below for those who are
Banned, on CFW, or for the body that has not yet been banned but wants to play it safe.

Wired DNS: 
Alternate DNS:

After you are done setting everything up press “connect to this network” to check if its up a running properly.

That’s it, now you’ll be able to play a few games online but sometimes there nobody there. It really depends on your time zone though.

Procedure for changing settings in the game software:

Title name Setup steps
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe With the connection to the net, launch the game and press and hold 3 L button + R button + L stick press on the
menu screen “Local communication” changes to “LAN play”
Splatoon 2 Open the game with the connected state on the net, open the icatcher and press and hold
L button + R button + L stick push in  Let
‘s prepare for LAN communication …”
POKKÉN TOURNAMENT DX Holding “cross button ↓, B button” on the title screen
simultaneously press “L button, R button” to activate “event mode”.
ARMS In the connected state on the net, launch the game and press the L button + R button + L stick press three times on
the screen of the menu “Local communication” changes to “LAN play”
Mario Tennis Ace With the connected state on the net, launch the game and press and hold the L button + R button + L stick press on 3 in the
menu screen




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