Play original SNES carts on the SNES mini with Classic 2 Magic

SNES Mini is a fantastic console but has one big flaw which frustrates all of its owners and the games collection is closed and limited unless you hack it.
SNES mini

Well no more! With Classic 2 Magic you can dig out your old SNES cartridges and play them directly on your SNES Mini Classic. Any game, from any region. Just plug & play!

SNES mini

You can also directly play game ROM files for SNES and many other different console systems on your SNES Mini Classic with Classic 2 Magic as it uses parts of Hakchi and their C2M software. It is also compatible with the NES Mini console and Shonen Jump Mini.

The classic 2 magic comes out next month (September 2018) and the price is $59.95. You can find out more about the Classic 2 Magic on its official website:

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