YesOJO Products From E3 2018!

It still hasn’t been even a whole month since the end of E3 and we still have a lot to talk about. Today we’re getting into another great set of products that I got to set my sights on while at E3 came from YesOJO. There are plenty of products that they showed off, some of which aren’t even released yet. So we’re just going to cover the stuff that I saw that is also currently on their site. So instead of a lot of introductory dialogue, I’m going to instead get right into the meat and potatoes!

  • Gator Card Holder

  1. $12.99
  2. Unique and Fashionable
  3. Scratch Resistant
  4. Unique Design, Chich Look, Gator Mouth Like
  5. Rotates 180
  6. Translucent black appearance
  7. 11 Game Card Slots
  8. ABS Material

  • Explorer Leather Switch Cover

  1. $16.99
  2. Genuine Leather
  3. Special Design for Switch
  4. Useful and Elegant
  5. Multifunctional (Wallet, Cover, 12 Game Card Slots)
  6. Different Colors
  7. Has Adjustable Stand
  8. Magnetic Flaps
  9. Handle Included
  10. Vents for Heat Dissipation

  • Oyster Switch Case

  1. $19.99
  2. PVC+ABS Shell
  3. Water Proof
  4. Crush Resistant
  5. Light Weight
  6. Easy to Carry
  7. Variety of Colors
  8. 10 Game Card Slots

  • Jelly Joy-Con Grips

  1. $19.99
  2. Protect the Joy-Con
  3. Anti-slip Treatment
  4. Dual Injected TPU on Both Sides made for Comfort
  5. Ergonomic Design
  6. Larger Shoulder Buttons for Increased Operability
  7. Shoulders have Built-In Springs
  8. Joy-Cons can Easily Pop In and Out

  • Travel Bag

  1. Put your OJO in the Bag & take it anywhere.
  2. The bag has enough space and pockets to fit your Switch, your Ojo and many other accessories, such as the dongle, all together.
  3. The bag is made of a multi-layer material designed for protecting your gaming console. With a water-proof top coat, shock-absorbing middle layer and a smooth inner surface, it protects your kit from water splashes and being hit on a hard surface.

  • Dongle

  1. $49.99
  2. OJO Dongle is a portable dock for the Nintendo Switch.
  3. Connect the Dongle to your Nintendo Switch, and enjoy all original dock functions on the go.
  4. Supports almost all HDMI devices.
  5. Plug and Play.
  6. Exclusive design for Switch Type-C Port used for charging and data transmission.

  • OJO

  1. $399.99
  2. OJO is the world’s only Nintendo Switch exclusive video projector.
  3. OJO is also an universal projector
  4. You can zoom in on Switch’s screen to whatever plane you want to project.
  5. You can put it in your backpack, take it wherever you want, and share your wonderful experience with your good friends anytime, anywhere!
  6. With it, you can enjoy the movie theater audio visual shock. Without the aid of any other device. You don’t even need a power supply.
  7. With it, you can witness the wonderful game moments with more friends!

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