Team Xecuter’s SX OS Contains Open Source Code

Team Xecuter’s SX OS has been the target of a lot of people in the Switch scene recently. Whether you’re wanting it for completely legitimate reasons or if you think it should be stopped, everyone has an opinion and feeling on the matter. It was recently discovered that Team Xecuter’s product to this day contains code that is open source.

After finding out the hard way that the SX OS has brick code in it designed to punish anyone digging around in their product, hexkyz finally got his answers.

But that was just the start. He tweeted out a whole thread. He mentioned that he was more than aware that SX OS had brick code in it as that’s the only real thing you could do to stop someone on the Switch. Hexkyz reassured everyone he knew what he was doing and tweeted out the following thread.

Once the full write up comes out, we’ll update this article with that as it will divulge more information on the matter. Maybe TX will do something like what Hyperkin did. Recently Hyperkin was under fire for using emulators without permission and proper licensing. Recently, with their Retron 77, they have full licensing for the device. My hope is that TX is just using this code in the meantime until they create their own full-fledged code. Only time will tell. As always, we’ll keep you updated on both sides of the coin.

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